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Profile Overview

Yael Nahariya

Cardassian/Organian Hybrid Female

Character Information


Yael is the descendant of a Cardassian/Organian hybrid who now possesses a weakened version of the Organian traits. Due to her unique set of talents, she is coveted as a weapon and used by many. She has learned not to trust easily and will strike without mercy if she perceives a threat. More animalistic in nature than human, she has learned that she must fight to survive in the cruel world she has been born into.


Yael always has a dark look in her eye, as though she is constantly accessing whether or not she can trust you through careful observation of your actions. With jet black hair that she prefers to wear loose, she possesses a wild grace that reminds one of an untamable animal. She has very distinct features and a striking figure due to her mixed heritage.


Due to her difficult childhood and troubled past, Yael can sometimes be more animalistic in nature than human. With cat-like reflexes and agility, she is an expert at espionage and covert missions, as well as a skilled combatant in hand-to-hand combat. Prone to approach all situations with a fight or flight instinct, it can be difficult to gain her trust, yet once she allows someone into her circle she is fiercely loyal and will give her life to protect those she cares about.


Yael is the strange product of unfortunate circumstances, which occurred several light-years in the past when a party of Cardassians attacked and boarded an Organian ship as it was observing a planet in the Alpha Quadrant in search of a species of higher intelligence. As the Organians were, at this time, in the early stages of their evolution and still somewhat primitive beings bound to corporeal forms, they suffered great losses at the hands of the Cardassians. The male Organians were mostly slaughtered and the females suffered unspeakable acts at the hands of their Cardassian aggressors. As a result of this incident, three female Organians were impregnated by their Cardassian attackers. The Organians abhorred the thought of a hybrid child, and so ordered the babies to be aborted. However, one mother attempted to keep the origin of her child a secret, yet as the girl grew older, it became more difficult to hide her mixed breeding. When her secret was discovered at the age of twelve, the Organian council determined to leave the child on an inhabited planet rather than have the blood of an innocent on their hands.

The girl was left on a planet, where she was found and taken for a short while by the natives, but it was not long before word of her strange lineage leaked out into the galaxy and the Cardassians came looking for her. Falling into the hands of the Cardassians at the age of seventeen, they saw her as an asset that could be utilized as a powerful weapon. She was trained for reconnaissance and intelligence, able to blend into other societies with ease due to her human appearance. However, due to her mixed-race, her powers were far more limited than those of a full-blooded Organian. When she chose a Cardassian male as a mate, they had several children and so carried on the lineage of the Organian/Cardassian hybrid, however with each new generation, the Organian powers continued to fade. The line of mixed breeds continued in the family business, each one being trained by the Cardassians as a weapon of espionage from a young age.

However, during the occupation of Bajor, a new Cardassian leader with a strongly xenophobic nature determined to cleanse the Cardassian race of all the filth which had corrupted it. Few of the Organian descendants escaped, but some were able to make it into the burnt and destroyed wastelands of Bajor. They hid there for some time after the Cardassians had abandoned the planet, working to build a life among the ruins. It wasn’t till several years later the Bajorans discovered this tiny encampment of hybrid survivors, and immediately attacked the village of what they suspected to be Cardassian spies. Yael, who was only fourteen, heard the dying screams of her family as she hid in a water barrel. She was found by the militia days later as they ransacked the settlement, and the Bajorans immediately took the young girl as a prisoner of war. For another fourteen years, Yael remained a prisoner of the Bajoran Militia, with them experimenting on her to discover her lineage and what powers she possessed.