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Human/Klingon Male

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Kretorg, son of M'urgh



Kretorg, a human/Klingon hybrid had been involved with Federation and KDF joint operations since the Dominion war. Originally trained as a Diplomat, he later received training in Intelligence gathering and proved himself trustworthy to both Starfleet and in the Klingon Empire. After he was wrongly arrested, on his way to Earth, he was intercepted by intelligence for another mission. He became the mission adviser on a Klingon ship with crew from both Starfleet and KDF which served as a flagship for the alliance between the two powers. Later they upgraded to a Negh’Var class battle cruiser, which was sent to the Beta Quadrant. The ship and its crew were flung into the DQ through an unknown technology. With the previous captain among those who died, Kre has to take the lead.


Kretorg’s father, M’urgh of the House of Torath, accompanied his father, Torath III, a high Council Member to Starbase 69, a small starbase close to the Klingon border.  They formed part of a Klingon delegation in response to several unprovoked attacks of Klingon vessels on Starfleet vessels. Torath had the foresight to see that peace and even alliance with the Federation would be beneficial to both sides, as well as it serving to stabilize the balance of power in the Alpha Quadrant. Jessica Donovan was a junior diplomat stationed there, and formed part of the Starfleet delegation. Her pre-conceived ideas about Klingons were completely blown away when she observed the negotiation skill displayed by Torath as well as his son. They were not at all as she had expected Klingons to be, and she was drawn to M’urgh, who was as skilled with a bat’leth as he was with the scalpel of diplomacy.  The attraction was mutual and they had a brief affair.  The only assurance she had that he cared for her was his own d’k tahg he gave her. Only after the Klingon delegation had left, she found out that she was pregnant. Jessica decided not to let M’urgh know. She was afraid that he would react negatively and reject her, and would rather treasure the good memories she had of their short time together. She justified it by telling herself and close friends that she did not want to burden him, fearing that their union could negatively impact M’urgh’s career. After a difficult pregnancy their son was born in 2343. She named him Kretorg, after one of his forefathers M’urgh told her about.


Kretorg was a handful and Jessica struggled to keep up with his development. At the time there was hardly any general knowledge about the development of Klingon children, left alone hybrid children, and that was without factoring in how the genetic contributions from the parents would influence the individual development of the child. This placed limitations on the medical and counselling support which could be offered to her and Kretorg. By the time he was two years old, Jessica realized that Kre needed a father, and she risked all to contact M’urgh. A jealous female Klingon officer intercepted the message, and when she was caught out, she opted for a half truth and informed him that a woman called Jessica had a son, but that both mother and son died in childbirth.

Jessica never received any response and assumed that her worst fears came true, that he rejected her now and would not have anything to do with her or her hybrid son. Jessica accepted a post at DS 3 to give Kretorg a better chance of education and interaction with others. Due to his faster rate of maturity, he entered school at 2 ½ years old (comparable to a human of 6 years old), A wise and experienced elderly Klingon warrior, Kodon, son of Majjas, owner of a Klingon restaurant on the station, took Kre under his wing and exposed him to Klingon culture and taught him to speak the language. He encouraged Kre to pursue competitive martial arts to help him to channel his inherent Klingon warrior instincts, and at the same time learn to control it. Kre showed exceptional skill in martial arts, and his natural ability with weapon quickly distinguished him from his peers in competitive sport. His instinctive drive for honour resulted in him winning several championships. Though he only used open hand and blunted weapons in competition, he trained with Kodon in bladed weapons from the minute he could hold them. The first was the d’k tahg his mother gave him. Kodon noticed the markings on it, but kept it to himself for the time being. Eventually the bat’leth became his favourite weapon and he often sparred with visiting Klingons to the station.

Coming from a long line of Klingon politicians and diplomats from his father’s as well as mother’s side, it was clear from a young age, that Kretorg had inherited those skills. Instead of resisting the two sides of his heritage and personality, Kre learned to embrace both.  More accurately said, he learned that both human and Klingon heritages had advantages for him, and he used it as he saw fit. Driven to prove himself, he excelled academically, though he was in trouble often for not always able to control his temper.  By the time he was 14 he was fully matured and finished his schooling. A friend of Jessica’s, the Chief Diplomatic Officer on SB 3, encouraged Kretorg to apply to enter Starfleet academy, encouraging him to consider the Diplomatic Corps as a career. Kre applied and was accepted into Starfleet academy by the time he was 16. This was not easy though. He experienced a lot of prejudice, even from his lecturers. He was asked on several occasions if he did not want to switch to security or tactical training. The type casting because he was half Klingon, just made him more determined to finish as a Diplomatic Officer. 

Though somewhat frustrated by the academic requirements and lack of physical challenges, once again Kre got into trouble on various occasions and was nearly expelled. It caused him to repeat one year and in 2364 he graduated and received his first commission as Diplomatic Officer on the USS Xanadu patrolling the Cardassian Border. He gained invaluable experience through the challenges facing the systems surrounding the border and issues relating to the neutral zone, and with a promotion, was transferred to the USS Valkyrie 4 years later as Assistant Chief Diplomatic Officer. 

It was during his time on the USS Valkyrie that Kre was first approached to undergo further training for advanced negotiation skills, which included his first direct exposure to the world of intelligence gathering.  

He learned about a world where black was not always black and white was only white in context of the situation. Here he met T’Pal, who was an experienced agent and he remained connected to her throughout his career.

In 2370 he was transferred to the USS Tokyo where both his CO and the Chief Diplomatic officers were Vulcan, with no taste for bending the rules. In 2371 the tensions between the Empire and the Federation culminated in the war for Archanis IV. In the months before the war, he came across information that led him to believe that not all of the Empire agreed with war with the Empire.  He became aware of the political layers within the Empire and wanted to pursue it further. At the time his CO and superior did not agree, and he was told not to follow that avenue, because of the risk and lack of evidence. To Kre it was a contradiction in terms.  It was critical for the Federation to pursue evidence and gain information which could if true, the Federation could have alliances within the Empire. If not, nothing would be lost. Now he was prevented from doing what he was trained for, to seek alliances and strengthen the position of the Federation. The matter was referred to SF HQ and it was that his orders stood. Kre was convinced that he was distrusted, though no one expressed it directly, because he was half Klingon. Frustrated and determined, Kre found a way to follow his gut, disobeying a direct order from his superiors and made contacts within the Empire, one of which was a man by the name of Karagh, son of M’urgh. He was the son and heir of the house of Torath, a great House, who withstood the decline of the Empire ideals two centuries before and had had a seat filled on the High Council through many wars and shifting balances of power within the Empire.  Though Kre disobeyed orders, he was proven to be right, and came away with a reprimand on his record and a reduction in rank. He felt vindicated and a sense of victory.

It was during this time that Starfleet Intelligence contacted him. T’Pal and some others had been following his career and interactions closely. His loyalty to the Federation and it’s ideals during the war was duly noted. Without knowing or trying to, he showed himself to trustworthy asset.  Someone with his experience and training could prove to be very useful. He was approached and he accepted the offer for training eagerly.  Shortly after he had completed intense and extensive training, the Dominion war broke out. Kre was pulled into service immediately, specifically in Joint Operations with the KDF. He was stationed at DS9, IKV yan. It was his first experience on a Bird of Prey and he enjoyed every minute. His combat skills gained in sparring exercises gave him a few scars and earned him respect among the crew. He also worked again with an old friend, T’Pal as well as his initial contact, Karagh from time to time.

One of the missions turned out to be the worst experience of Kre’s life, something he had still not spoken about. They had heard that there was a possibility of a Dominion outpost on a small seemingly insignificant moon near the edge of Cardassian space. Kre, three Klingon officers and two other SFI officers were chosen for the mission to gather intelligence. They were compromised and captured. Two of the Klingon officers managed to kill themselves, and later Kre wished he also did when he had the chance. There was indeed a Dominion outpost, run by three changelings only. There were no jem’hadar or Vorta in sight. The reason for this soon became clear. The changelings used the outpost to experiment on organics and it was not limited to their enemies. When Kre regained consciousness after capture, he found his roommate to be a Cardassian. Both were tied to seats where they remained for the entire duration of their captivity. Kre had lost track of time, but he estimated it to be at least 8 weeks. Eventually the rest of the team perished, with only Kre and the Cardassian alive. Together they managed to escape and eliminated the changelings. The experienced changed Kretorg forever. 

After the war, he was involved in several joint missions, a few taking him to Q’onos. He was also part and parcel of the implementation of the short term officer’s exchange programme, taking part in pilot studies and establishing the programme. During this time he operated from the USS Berlin first as assistant Chief Intelligence Officer and later as Chief. .  

In 2380 he was assigned to the USS Berlin as Chief Intelligence Officer with the rank of Lieutenant Commander. Later he was assigned to the USS Rapier as Executive Officer, including a promotion in rank. In 2382 during a mission that went wrong, Kre was wrongly arrested and sent back to the Starfleet HQ for a court martial presumably, only to be intercepted by Starfleet Intelligence. He was needed for another assignment and the situation suited SF for a very delicate mission. Someone in the High Council, Kre was offered the Mission Advisor position of a Klingon vessel, the IKS D’ama a Vor’cha class ship, which would be operating as an Exchange vessel, a token of the alliance between the Federation and the Empire within a SF Fleet. Kretorg, who already an excellent reputation both in the Empire and the Federation, was perfect for the job. As a Starfleet Officer, he represented the other Starfleet crew members in the command team as well as being a senior officer, he represented Starfleet. There was more to it than mere chance. The Captain was Karagh, son of M’urgh. M’urgh himself was often on the ship as an Ambassador. It was during his time on the D’ama that it was revealed to him that he was the son of M’urgh. Kodon, the old warrior, had recognised the markings on the d’k tahg as belonging to the House of Torath, and he alerted M’urgh to it. M’urgh and Karagh, Kretorg’s younger half brother first confirmed it before they told Kretorg. Being on the D’ama, a ship belonging to the Torath fleet, gave Kre chance to know his father and other family members. He also visited his new family’s home planet. Eventually he informed his mother, who after nearly 40 years met M’urgh again.

The IKS D’ama was eventually fully integrated in the Fleet and was placed in TG 21B, but at the time, the ship was already in Klingon space, following a sabotage on the D’ama and an unknown attack on one of the major ship building Houses. The Executive Officer was killed and Kre received a field promotion as Executive Officer. After repairs at the House of Torath’s hime planet, Q’uvat’s el Tigh, they went on mission to investigate the attack on the House of m’Icha which lead them to engage the Kzinti.

Through the next few weeks, the D’ama was hunted and attacked several times by a Kzinti vessel who had superior weaponry and resources.  They were invading the Alpha Quadrant again. The D’ama managed to hold out until several vessels attacked them at SB 249. Out of weapons and shields, they had only one option left, and that was to ram the damaged Kzinti ship in their path. The D’ama and crew was set on a collision course, but just before they collided with the ship, it was blasted to pieces by the USS Achilles, who showed up just in time.

After the crew of the IKS D’ama was transported off to the Achilles, the D’ama was hidden among the debris and waiting for retrieval to be repaired and refitted.

Kretorg and the other Starfleet crew expected to be sent back to Federation space and reassigned, however, they were given the option to remain on a Klingon vessel and most of them agreed. Karagh was given command of the newest Negh’Var class ship, the IKC VaQbach with Kretorg as his Executive Officer.

After months of negotiation between the High Council and diplomats from the Federation, in which Kre was involved, the IKC VaQbach and a small Fleet, mostly from the House of Torath, was sent to the Beta Quadrant to head up a long term mission of exploration, or that was the official mission.  

However, he was also to follow up on intel the Kzinti received assistance from some elements within Federation space. They were secretly building up forces to invade the Alpha quadrant again. The VaQbach was to gather information on the apparent supply line and destroy it if possible. They did just that.


His brother and Captain of IKC VaQbach decided to go further and destroy any Kzinti bases they could find. That was beyond what Starfleet agreed to, even if elements in Starfleet agreed to it, it was off the books. 

One day, two large unknown battle ship attacked the VaQbach and the IKV Yor, part of the small fleet that accompanied the VaQ’bach. In the battle what ensued, both Klingon vessels took damage but were slowly but surely gaining the upper hand. Suddenly the sensors picked up an energy burst coming from both the enemy ships simultaneously and an energy field formed around both Klingon vessels. Powerless, they seemed to be caught in what seemed to be some sort of worm hole. Just as suddenly they were back in normal space, having sustained considerable damage and loss of life on both vessels, one of which was Karagh, the Captain. There was no sign of the enemy ships and it was not long after when they realised they had no idea where they were.

Lost and with a skeleton crew, Kre now had to take command of the crew and has to ensure not only survival of his crew, but also find a way to sustain them in this part of unknown space.