Profile Overview

Ilyia Vikas

Vulcan Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Vikas


Chief Security Officer
USS Tesla (Archive)


Ilyia was born to be a warrior, one who only finds peace during conflict and feels uncomfortable with silence. She is known for her cunning in strategy and her loyalty to her team. Sometimes a bit vicious and lacking in mercy, she will stop at nothing to carry out her orders and see that her team is kept from harm. She follows orders without hesitation or question and has gained a reputation as a very reliable soldier with deadly combat skills.


Ilyia has a lithe and toned form from years of combat training. Beyond her physical prowess, she otherwise cares little about her appearance.


Ilyia is cold and aloof with an inability to understand emotion, a concept that somewhat frustrates her. She is deep and intellectual but chooses to avoid those who don’t perceive the world in a similar manner to her rather than conversing with them.


Little is known of Ilyia’s past. She skillfully circumvents any questions concerning her history and her cold nature does not encourage conversation that delves too deeply into her past. She has a record of adoption but the identity of her blood parents cannot be determined through any sort of research into the information contained in the Starfleet database. People are left to wonder about her past, but upon close observation it may appear to some that she holds a special place among the elite members of the Federation Command. Everything surrounding her seems to hold an air of secrecy, but it has been noted that for such a low level officer she seems to be entrusted with several covert missions involving delicate political matters.