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Profile Overview

Skylar Cloud

Human Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Cloud


USS Neptune


Skylar first began her career in security before climbing the Starfleet ladder to her current position as First Officer. Skylar is a bloodhound when it comes to tracking down the truth, and has a sensitive nose that can sniff out any lie. She was known for her skill in interrogation and her ability to elicit a confession from the most difficult of perpetrators. She now uses her skills to help keep even the most unruly of crew members in line.


Skylar has a rather striking appearance with her light-colored hair and sharp blue eyes that have the ability to pierce right through you with her unsettling gaze. She has a silky smooth voice that can charm the most uncooperative of officers.


Skylar has a no-nonsense attitude and accepts lip from no one. She enjoys being in charge and does not like to be questioned by anyone. She is a very dominant person but also knows how to play whatever game is necessary in order to get what she wants. Due to her skills in interrogation, she has become a master of manipulation and at times she catches herself manipulating others even when she does not intend to.