Profile Overview

Jasik Aldrich

Human/Quarter Vulcan Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Aldrich


Chief Science Officer
USS Tesla (Archive)


The jury is still out on the young scientist Jasik Aldrich. Considered a prodigy at a young age, he proves to be difficult to work with due to his lack of social graces and his disregard for others. A scientist with a brilliant, young mind that is always eager to learn, he dedicates fully to the discovery of new plants, species, and energy sources as he seeks to unveil the secrets science has yet to uncover. Making the conscious decision to only store information in his brain that can be applied to his studies, he actively avoids self-reflection or trying to learn more about others as he views it to be a waste of his brainpower.


Jasik is a tall thin individual, with dark hair and inquisitive eyes that are generally hidden behind a thick pair of glasses. He is a dapper young fellow who considers a suit jacket to be casual wear when he’s not in uniform. Deep lines can normally be found on his creased brow as he habitually paces about his lab, his lips moving but no words being spoken aloud.


Jasik is what most would describe as quirky, with a roving mind that finds difficulty in settling down on any singular thought. He can be difficult to follow when he speaks on a topic of excitement to him, as he tends to jump from one concept to the next without fully finishing his sentences. Effective communication with others takes great focus for him to achieve, and he generally chooses to spend time alone in his lab where he can converse with himself. Due to his introverted ways, he is socially awkward and has very little self-awareness, considering the time it would take to develop such skills as a waste.


Since he is still young, Jasik Aldrich’s history is not very extensive, and due to his decision to dedicate his entire life to the expansion of science, his history is neither diverse nor something he would consider to be of interest. Jasik would tell you he was born to a normal family, had a normal childhood, and now studies science, and that would be the end of the conversation as he dashed off to avoid further frivolous conversation. He would not be too far from the truth with such a statement. Born as the only child of a father who taught botany at Starfleet academy and a mother who taught astrology, he was raised by two parents who valued scientific research above all else, so it was natural for him to enter into the field of science. His mother had a Vulcan father, making him a quarter Vulcan, and in many ways, he inherited some of the character traits common to the species.

His parents quickly recognized his talent for understanding complex topics, and immediately enrolled him into the finest schools with multiple private tutors at his disposal. He proved to be somewhat of a genius, grasping scientific concepts that were far beyond his years. With a slew of instructors at his disposal, he studied topics ranging from botany and biology to chemistry and physics. He felt a particular passion for the natural branch of science, both physical and life science. When he joined the academy he flew through the courses quickly and graduated at the top of his class. Working aboard Starfleet vessels as a scientist under the instruction of a Chief Science Officer did not suit him in the least, as he found it difficult to answer to anyone. So after quickly progressing through the ranks and rising to the position of Lieutenant Commander, he immediately applied for the Chief Science Officer position aboard the Tesla when the opportunity became available.