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Charles Acker

El-Aurian Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Acker


Chief Medical Officer
USS Tesla (Archive)


Charles is a rare surviving member of the El-Aurian race. With hundreds of years of experience under his belt, he is highly esteemed in the field of medicine although some of his methods are considered a little unorthodox. As a man with a sharp mind and discerning nature, he finds it difficult at times to communicate the complex workings of his mind with others, but he strives to teach those around him the importance of mixing in a dash of compassion when practicing proper medical procedures. It is not only his skill in medicine but also his calming bedside manner and the rich tone of his reassuring voice that make Charles an outstanding medical professional. He is deeply dedicated to each patient who comes into his care, whether it be man or beast, and he is never one to turn away a being in need. With a truly sympathetic nature and caring soul, Charles has managed to maintain a sense of empathy despite the rigorous of serving as a doctor in Starfleet.


Charles bears the coming of age with a sense of grace and dignity found in those who have learned to enjoy life to the fullest. His gray hair and beard give him the appearance of an aged man, but the smile on his lips and the twinkle in his eye belong to the spirit of a man who is still young.


Charles is a very polite individual, raised by a tenacious mother who taught him the value of respecting not only women but all other creatures regardless of their shape or size. His suave attitude can come off as flirtatious at times, but in truth, he believes firmly in positive affirmation and only delivers chastisement in a constructive manner. A fan of the sandwich method of criticism, he would be more than happy to explain his laid-back philosophy on life to anyone willing to listen. Not only is he always open to discussing his opinion, but he is also an excellent listener and enjoys learning how others view the world.


Charles was born to be a doctor and his mother recognized it when he was still very young. His father was the sole provider of the family who brilliantly balanced his career and home life, pulling off a successful business career and playing the role of a loving father and doting husband with ease. This allowed Charles’s mother to remain home and dedicate her full attention to raising their son. Charles’s mother had always wanted children, but his parents had experienced some difficulty while attempting to get pregnant. When he was finally born, his parents were thankful for the blessing of a son, and both parents worked to ensure he was raised well.

His mother doted on him, spending every moment watching him grow and helping him to begin developing his mind at a young age. She would take him on walks and sit with him for long periods of time, talking to him for hours to teach him to associate words with certain objects. By the age of two, he could already speak well and could recite many poems from memory. His mother quickly noted his empathetic and inquisitive nature, taking great care to cultivate in him independence by encouraging him to try things on his own as she kept a watchful eye from a distance.

Both his father and mother worked hard to help him grow in a fearless manner, choosing rather to ask questions and help him sort out a reliable course of action rather than simply making decisions for him. They allowed him to engage in many activities that some parents may have considered dangerous for such a young child, but by the age of three, Charles could adequately ride a bike, climb trees, ski, and ride horses. When it came time for him to begin school, his parents decided to have him begin the first few years of his education at home, with his mother providing him with one-on-one tutoring that she felt would best compliment his learning style. He quickly took to science and botany, with a love for studying plants and the way they could be used in the medical field. When it came time for him to pursue a higher form of education, Charles expressed his desire to study medicine.

He enjoyed his time in the academy, expanding his knowledge of medicine and learning all he could from the experienced doctors and physicians who taught him. After achieving his doctorate and stepping into the medical profession, Charles spent several years serving as a doctor close to his childhood home before deciding that he wanted to see the world. Signing up for whatever position he could get as a doctor aboard everything from passenger ships to merchant vessels, Charles traveled across the galaxy to put his medical knowledge to use. With a burning passion for the medical field, Charles felt that his skills would be most useful aboard a Starfleet vessel and that Starfleet would provide him with opportunities a career on earth could never offer.

Charles first hesitated to inform his parents of this decision to join Starfleet, fearful his mother would worry about his safety. But as was their way, his parents encouraged him to follow his heart and assured him they would support him in any decision. Enlisting in Starfleet to take a position aboard the USS Granger, he began his career as a Starfleet medical officer.

Charles distinguished himself while aboard the Granger with his cool and collected administration of medical assistance in multiple hostile situations. With a deep passion for his work, Charles refused to turn down any person or creature as a patient. Whether friend or foe, they receive the same expert medical treatment. On more than one occasion, he argued with operations officers about whether or not a patient could be left behind, or if an enemy combatant deserved treatment. Charles was firm in the keeping of his Hippocratic oath, and despite years of service in Starfleet and dealing with the loss of patients on several unfortunate occasions, he manages to keep alive an innocent sense of sympathy and interest for each new patient.

Charles spent the majority of his career aboard the Granger, teaching those under his command all he knew of the medical practice. After several years, he felt compelled to step aside so that an up-and-coming doctor he had trained could take his position. When he resigned from the Granger, he immediately begin looking for a new posting and volunteered for a position aboard the newly formed crew of the USS Tesla as he felt his skills would be of good use to a new crew.