Profile Overview

Idrin Vostugo

Vulcan/Skagaran Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Vostugo


Chief of Operations
USS Tesla (Archive)


Raised in Vulcan schools at the wishes of his mother, Idrin is a highly intelligent individual who is skilled in many areas. He chose the path of strategy and tactics in his military studies, applying his sharp mind to the development of military defensive and offensive maneuvers. With his ability to quickly assess a situation and formulate an operable plan of action, he has always been viewed as a valuable asset both on and off the field.


Idrin bears razor-sharp features that give him a somewhat stern appearance. With steely blue eyes and thin lips, some would think him unapproachable at first glance, yet he can be rather welcoming and agreeable to those he places his trust in.


Despite being half Vulcan by birth, Idrin has learned to develop an understanding of the social habits practiced by other races. He is not so stiff as most Vulcans seem and has actually been known to deliver humorous quips with those who he welcomes into his inner circle. Polite but firm in the face of opposition, he is not one to back down but persistently presses forward in the mission he has been assigned. He is deeply intellectual and often considers all sides in a conflict which enables him to better present his point of view. Possessing a truly empathetic nature, he is always seeking to teach others and help them grow.


Idrin was one more generation in a long line of Starfleet officers, with both his mother and father having served under the Federation. It was Starfleet that first brought his parents together, a rather unorthodox pairing of a Vulcan female with a Skagaran male. As Idrin’s father had strayed far from the traditional ways of the Skags, Idrin was raised more in the path of the Vulcans, with his mother enrolling him in a Vulcan school to teach him the ways of her culture. Idrin did not see much of either of his parents, with both his father and mother fully dedicated to their careers in Starfleet. His father and mother were not ones to show an overabundance of affection, so Idrin grew up primarily on his own, dedicating himself to his studies at the boarding school he attended.

Idrin was always an amiable and likable boy, but generally could be found with his nose in a book rather than involved in social activities. Idrin learned much from the books he read, consuming any information he could learn whether it be from history, science, mathematics, or fiction and fantasy. Idrin learned the power of words and all that could be achieved through writing as he explored new worlds and expanded his mind with each new page. The books on science and math taught him analytical thinking and how to find the intelligent design in the world around him. From history he learned from both the achievements and folly of others, wisely determining to grow from the experiences of others. The world of fictional writing taught him to question things around him and find the beauty in what others may see as plain. Spending much time with himself, Idrin spent much time in self-reflection and observation, constantly working to progress his character. He learned to not only search out desirable traits in others and attempt to emulate them but also to note the traits he saw as being harmful and ensure he was not practicing such destructive behaviors.

Due to his mixed race, he was the brunt of much teasing from the full-blooded Vulcans at his school, but he quickly developed a way to deal with the harassment of his peers, choosing to battle their prejudice with intellectual reasoning rather than resorting to violence. In this way, he earned their respect, and it wasn’t long before his moniker of Skag became a term of playful endearment from his fellow classmates. He became known for his level head and his ability to provide sage advice from an unbiased point of view, but also for prodding with piercing questions that sometimes angered those who did not appreciate the scrutiny.

Following in the path of his parents, he enrolled in the academy to study strategy and military tactics with aims to step into a position among Starfleet command once he graduated. He achieved high marks and graduated near the top of his class, finding quick acceptance into a command position aboard a Starfleet vessel. Distinguishing himself both on and off the field of battle, it was not long before he rose to the position of Commander and became popular among Starfleet command. Several times he has been approached with requests for him to captain his own ship, yet to the bewilderment of other Starfleet officers, he has always turned such offers down. Always one to enjoy tackling a new challenge and finding the easy path rather boring, he quickly volunteered for a position aboard the Tesla once he saw that it would be led by a rather young and inexperienced Captain.