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Profile Overview


Xindi-Aquatic Genderfluid

Character Information

Rank & Address

Civilian Arohawhetuu


Ship's Counselor
USS da Vinci (Archive)


An unusual addition to the crew, Dr. Ahorawhetuu (who’s actual name is mostly unpronounceable out of the water and best written as musical notation), is a civilian specialist with several doctorates in astropsychology, inter-species relations, and other related fields. They are genderfluid, able to change their actual physical sex (like a clownfish) when the environmental and social conditions change, an ability that would have made them a “shaman” in the ancient pre-diaspora culture of the Aquatics…that sociocultural conditioning continues in some form, as Ahora is a natural advisor. Long lived and seeming infinitely patient, they are a valued resource to a crew often rife with both genius and disorder in equal measure. Visiting them is often called “Going to the Beach.”