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Profile Overview

Huong Hanh

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander (Doctor) Huong


Chief Medical Officer
USS da Vinci (Archive)


More of a Medical Researcher and Cyberneticist at heart, Dr. Huong is nevertheless one of the most skilled medical practitioners produced by his native Vietnam in a generation. If you are hurt, he will patch you up…he may also offer a number of opportunities to volunteer for his latest experimental procedure or technique that just happens to relate to your current ailment. This willingness to push the boundries on that frontier of advance medicene, has led the good Doctor to work in synthetics (both before and secretly, after, the ban on such research), holography, Borg nanotech and bionics (including visits to the Artifact), psionics, symbiotic physiology, and (allegedly) genetic engineering. His long association with Commander “Frankenstein”, hasn’t helped the “Mad Doctor” reputation.