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Cassius Rufus Varo

Human Male

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USS Neptune


Cassius Rufus Varo

151 BC



Little is known about the early life of Cassius or his family. He appeared to the Roman army around the age of thirteen, as a scrawny lad claiming to be from a family of the Common class. Since obscure Roman barrack locations were not known for their selective nature, he was taken in as a young recruit and taught the ways of war. He showed great promise during his training, fighting off larger opponents with a scrappy, give-no-quarter type of attitude. Never one to back down from a fight and only willing to admit defeat when dead, he is a man that many have no desire to cross. Now, with thirty-four years of rigorous service to the Roman military, he has developed a reputation for having little patience and no mercy. He is feared by both enemies and his own soldiers alike. Knowing nothing but the military for the majority of his life, he is an experienced soldier and is fiercely loyal to his general.


Cassius is not what most would consider to be an imposing figure, with an average stature at a height of 5′ 10″ and a weight of 175 lbs. Yet with years of service in the military and rigorous training, his sinewy body is a force to be reckoned with as his gladius has become a natural extension of his arm. He generally sports a scruffy beard and a rough shock of unkempt hair riding above his grizzled features, weathered from years of bearing the harsh outdoor elements as a soldier of Rome. His piercing blue eyes betray the soul of a man who has seen much in his time, and he has been known to cow soldiers into submission with only a look.


A rough man with zero tolerance for weakness, Sergeant Varo is a feared commander among the Romans and is known far and wide for his ruthless nature. Most have learned to obey him quickly since his orders are known to be backed up by a heavy hand should they be carried out in any type of manner that displeases him. With his gruff tone and steely gaze, he is a man used to being obeyed.


Cassius Rufus Varo was born when a Carthaginian and Corinthian slave met while in the service of a Roman senator. His father was Mago, a simple rug merchant from Carthage till the Romans destroyed the city and left few alive, and his mother was Lystra, at one time the daughter of a nobleman in Corinth till the Romans slaughtered her family and took her as a concubine. Mago and Lystra first attempted to keep their relationship a secret, since they knew it would be frowned upon by their master, but when Lystra became pregnant with a son, she refused to take the easy route and get rid of the baby. When it was discovered that she was with child, Cassius’s father paid the price for his life. Lystra was forced to watch as the love of her life was ripped away from her and sold off to die as a gladiator in the arena, nothing more than cannon fodder for the beasts in the public games. The master then tried to force Lystra to abort her child but risking life and limb, Lystra was able to escape. Cassius was born in the filth of the streets of Rome as his mother fought to hide from her pursuers. Lystra proved to be a resilient creature, despite her soft upbringing as a child of wealth. Life as a Roman slave had made her tough, and she worked hard to survive. Cassius grew up as a scrawny beggar child, fighting for scraps to the amusement of the wealthy Romans who enjoyed throwing out coins just to watch the beggars swarm at them. He quickly learned that only the strong survive, and developed a cutthroat nature in order to keep himself and his mother alive. Yet Lystra only lived to see Cassius reach the age of seven, before starvation and illness took her life. Cassius grew up tough and mean on the streets of Rome. With no parents, he learned to survive for several years on his own.

At the age of thirteen, he heard a story from a fellow street urchin who stated that you could join the Roman army and get shelter and food if you only lied about your social class. Showing up at the Roman barracks in an obscure village where few would question his lineage, he claimed to be the son of a plebian who wished to serve the military for the glory of Rome. That night, Cassius experienced the first warm meal he had ever had, and from then on the Roman army owned his soul. His commanders took quick notice of his ruthless nature, and in a dog-eat-dog setting, he quickly excelled. The military served to feed his homicidal rage, and Cassius quickly became known as a merciless killer who would let none stand in the way of his progress. Over the years he rose to the rank of Sergeant and grew into a cold, brutish commander who always seemed to be spoiling for the next fight.

Cassius kept his past a secret from all who knew him, and due to this secret, he developed a sense of distrust for everyone around him as well as a hatred for higher-born Romans. He excelled at rooting out conspiracies and ensuring the men below him were entirely loyal, getting rid of any who he saw as traitors regardless of their family position. He angered several patricians by having their conscripted sons executed for treason, and developed many enemies in Rome. However, the Roman commanders saw him as a useful tool and protected him from the wrath of the senators by sending him out to invade foreign countries every time there was a chance for him to be dispatched. Keeping him out of the headquarters seemed the best option to keep him from trouble.

Cassius was assigned the position of Head Sergeant of the Augustus Legion when Secundus was to be sent out to invade Gaul. Under Secundus, Cassius found a leader who ruled him with a strong hand but also showed him a level of esteem and dignity that Cassius was not accustomed to. Cassius’s respect evolved into a deep loyalty for the Roman General, and the Sergeant would now do anything for the life and well-being of his commander.