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Profile Overview

Oppius Vatinius

Human Male

Character Information


Oppius is second in command of the Augustus Legion and just as battle-hardened as Secundus and twice as brutal. The Romans were not known for being friendly in battle and Oppius held to these traits more than most.


Oppius was the second in command of the Augustus Legion and the commander of the Roman First Legionary Cohort, holders of the Roman Eagle, a symbol of pride. The Augustus Legion was fierce and cruel due to the influence of Oppius holding the ear of Secundus who held strong to the Roman beliefs. Oppius suggested the extermination of multiple settlements on Uneta Prime, which put fear into the rest of the settlements not to reveal the arrivals of the unknown forces.

Oppius is said to be crazy and drink the blood of his enemies, if this is true it is not known, but no one dares ask him scared they may be punished for it. Oppius is paranoid and has bodyguards with him at all times. With the new technology, he has spearheaded the patrols in the SPQR Auxila. The ship is the flagship of the Legion as they prepare to reveal their presence to whoever is beyond the planet.