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Profile Overview

Secundus Aquila

Human Male

Character Information


Secundus is a man with cunning tactics and the leader of the Augustus Legion. A man with little to no use for cowards. Secundus runs a tough army and will do what’s best for the glory of Rome and her empire.


Secundus and the Augustus Legion were mysteriously transported to the 25th century after a subspace rift formed on Uneta Prime. The legions on their way to fight the armies of Gaul were transported to an unknown world. The legions still sound in tactics laid siege to the town in which they entered. Though the village had some weapons they could not hold against the mass that was the Augustus Legion. The Augustus Legion holding a higher number of 8,500 men laid hostage to the planet and began to adapt to the technology. It is unknown what the exact date was the Legion arrived but given time to build an army with new technology means they were present for some time.

Secundus and the other officers made plans to leave the planet soon but did not expect what was to come.

SPQR (People of Rome and Senate Banner flown by certain units.) (Top) Banner Golden Eagle (Middle) Augustus Legion Banner (Bottom)