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Theodore Sladek

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Sladek


Tactical Systems Officer/Chief of Security
USS Thomas Paine (Archive)


Lieutenant Theodore Sladek is the Tactical Systems Officer/ Chief of Security aboard the USS Thomas Paine (NCC-65530).




Theodore Samuel Sladek, eldest son of the Earth Ambassador to the Federation Council, was born 4 April 2370 at Mercy Hospital in San Francisco, California. He endured an upbringing of austerity through intensive service. Exceptional self-discipline and a firm desire to strike out on his name alone led to his entrance to Starfleet Academy in 2388 with an aptitude for security/tactical operations. He was identified as a suitable candidate for the Starfleet Tactical Advanced Training Program in 2397 and was subsequently accepted into the program. He was selected for Department Head upon completing his training in 2399 and posted to the Ambassador-class Heavy Cruiser USS Soval as Tactical Systems Officer/Chief of Security.


Diving deeper, Theodore Sladek is constantly in a state of red alert to collisions, emergencies, and the vicissitudes of life. Physically strong, austere, and fast in response. Well-trodden paths never keep him. He brooks little argument in interpreting orders or regulations as compensation for moving quickly.

Whatever he comes to, his way is unique. He is a learning sponge, constantly absorbing information far beyond obscure places. As he forges his journey through life, he cultivates his ravenous curiosity into productive endeavors.

During his childhood, he consumed all informative and educational holoprograms his family’s influence afforded him, picked up scholarly books with worn untouched pages, and listened to any holy fool who suddenly decided that it was time for him to speak. These interests afforded him several advantages: once he believes in something, he can sell it to anyone. With an innate gift of persuasion, he can be both a grumbler and a caustic critic. The trouble lies with his sincere and genuine desire to help. Broad knowledge, along with previously stated peculiarities of thinking, absent any constraints or boundaries, pays dividends. He has profound personal and professional mettle but spreads himself too thinly- a factor in his profound personal austerity.

Created in his formative years as a coping mechanism for often severe experiences, his mental world with its rules and laws forever remains his sweet home, where he feels natural and comfortable. He is self-contained and forceful by nature.

When communicating with others, he is direct and affable, capable of empathy and compassion.


  1. Strictness, reliability, thoroughness.
  2. Does not accept anything vague – with you, there are only
    orderliness, strictness of definitions, and reasonableness of any
  3. Reliability and honesty in all professional relationships. He is hard-working.


                                               PHYSICAL APPEARANCE

  1.         He has a lean face and a powerful jaw.
  2.         His dark blue eyes are prominent and has thin eyebrows.
  3.          He has a bulky torso with chiseled abs, proportional waist, and powerful legs.
  4.          Caucasian.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2388 - 2392 Junior Security Officer USS Sutherland
2393 - 2397 Assistant Tactical Systems Officer/Chief of Security USS Appalachia (NCC-52136)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2397 - 2399 Trainee Starfleet Tactical Advanced Schools Command
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2399 - Present Tactical Systems Officer/Chief of Security USS Thomas Paine NCC-65530