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Profile Overview

Haggis McCreery

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Civilian Haggis


Master Sommelier, The Scottish Tap
Eos Station


Haggis is a pure Scotsman putting his love for alcohol even higher than most. He loves to interact with the many people on the station, but is usually looked at funny due to the strong stench of alcohol always present.



Haggis was born in Scotland on the day of his fathers passing. As such he did not know his father and his mother struggled to provide for him. His mother died shortly after and he was taken to the estate of his uncle and aunt. Two of the most well known merchants in the area. They both dealt in alcoholic beverages one in wine the other in most any and all liquors.

Most would think this a bad way for a boy to grow up, but that was not the case for Haggis it helped to make him stronger as he dealt with challenges from helping his aunt and uncle in their business. His time of devotion to them left them so thankful that they told him when they died he would inherit their home and business. Haggis though not wanting to see them die pledged his word to uphold the same business even after they passed.

At about 20 years old his aunt and uncle passed away in a tragic accident. He was given their empire though he was young it was staggering the amount of knowledge he had for the business. He made a reputation over the years as the man to see if you wanted the best. Through his reputation he built his family empire even bigger having stores and warehouses throughout the known galaxy.

As he got older Haggis realized he still wanted to have a hand in the business. He had spotted a prime location at Eos Station, though older and out of date it seemed a prime location for him to settle down a business location. His motto if you need it I can find it. If the price is right!