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Profile Overview

Solan Jal

Trill Male

Character Information


Back story cameo
USS Rome


Once a promising young athlete on Trill. After being joined, he explored several pursuits, but discovered Starfleet held challenges he could not pass up. His steady blue eyes hold a strength and depth that suggests a highly sensitive and creative mind.


Solan Braanel born in the community of Chi’tar, the youngest of three children of  Honoria and Abram Braanel. His father was as a college professor and his mother a gymnastics coach, which according to Solack is the primary reason why he and his sibling were raised to be so active in sports. However, he notes this had a negative impact. Due to the competitive nature placed upon them by their parents, he was not very close with his siblings.

He began swimming at the age of eight and his parents hired a trainer at the aqua park. Within a few short years, he was breaking records in his age group. At the age of 13 he qualified for the World National Aqua Championships. During the three-day competition, Solan won two events and broke a record in the youth obstacle course. His parents were very proud of his accomplishments and continue to encourage him to excel both in sports and educational pursuits.

Symbiosis Institute

Solan Braanel was excited to continue his career as an athlete, but a call from the Symbiosis Commission changed that. Yaran Jal was fatally  injured when the starship he was serving upon was destroyed.

The  Jal symbiote required a healthy host if it were to survive.  Yaran pleaded with Solan to consider joining Starfleet. Solan had no intention of doing anything, other than his athletic career.

The field docent was concerned Solan was too young to be joined. However he was the best candidate at the time.

Once joined, he gained a strong  desired to seek out new pursuits, including  wearing a Starfleet uniform.

Previous Hosts

Dr. Trakeon Jal –  Medical Doctor
A general medical doctor on the Trill homeworld.  After joining, he became more focused. He would eventually become a highly regarded surgeon. Born: 2183      Joined: 2221    Died: 2259

Kevan Jal – Poet, Painter & Sculptor
Renowned in his time as an artist. Some of his work hangs in the national art museum on Trill, even to this day.
Born: 2231   Joined: 2266    Died: 2297

Vendrak Jal – Professor & Field Docent
Highly educated professor who became a field docent for the Symbiosis Commission. Eventually appointed to head the commission.
Born: 2257      Joined: 2297    Died: 2330

Liam Jal
Astronomer and science liaison with Starfleet in the Trill System. He never left his homeworld, but dreamed of traveling the stars
Born: 2308        Joined: 2330     Died: 2377

Yaran Jal        
Born: 2359        Joined: 2377     Died: 2387
A gifted young person who liked to tinker with mechanical devices. After being joined, he spent several months acclimating to his new situation. He worked hard and applied to Starfleet Academy. He had a desire to design starships, their engines and components. Graduated Starfleet Academy with an engineering degree in 2382.

During his tour on the USS Rome he was killed, but the Jal symbiont survived.  (2387)

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Starfleet Academy
Cadet Starfleet Academy
- -1 Security & Tactical Operations Star Base Bravo
Bridge Officer USS Valkyrie
Lieutenant Junior Grade