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Profile Overview

Brett Logan

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commodore Logan


Commanding Officer
Olympia Station


Brett Logan

October 16th, 2342 (Age 58)


Commodore Brett Logan is a Starfleet flag officer, currently on rehabilitative leave. He has commanded three ships in his long career. An experienced scientist and explorer, he has a level head and high expectations for his subordinates. While he strives to be positive in every encounter he has, he has little patience for discord or deviance.


Though he is 58, Logan looks younger than his actual age. He is 182 centimeters tall, and weighs 78 kilograms, with an athletic but not muscular build. Generally considered quite handsome, he has blue eyes and brown hair with streaks of grey.


Logan is an empathetic, cautious commanding officer. He understands that crew morale is what keeps the ship running, after all. With that being said, he is something of a stickler for the regulations:  he expects things to be done, on-time, by-the-book, and efficiently. While he can be warm and friendly with his crew and doesn’t hold them strictly to Starfleet formalities, he has very little tolerance for disobedience. He is a very private person who prefers not to disclose much about himself, tending to eat alone in his quarters or ready room rather than socializing, but he does host regular gatherings of his most senior officers to keep tabs on the pulse of the ship.


Early Life (2342-2360)

Brett Logan was born in Ohio in 2342 to two ex-Starfleet Officers, both of whom had spent thirty years in space before deciding to retire to the quiet life. As such, his parents were much older than most who decide to have children, but they relished the new challenge of raising a child after all of the challenges they’d faced in Starfleet. Logan was a quiet, studious child who more or less absorbed Starfleet discipline through osmosis. It was a forgone conclusion that he would eventually join the fleet himself, and this was only made even more certain by regular trips to places like the Starfleet Museum, Luna, and Mars via shuttle. He had a fascination with space itself, and the idea of getting to explore excited him.

Starfleet Academy (2360-2364)

After participating in the Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program in High School, Logan was accepted to Starfleet Academy in 2360, where he studied astrophysics. As a young man, he’d become less introverted and was considered quite popular on campus, even if sometimes this led him to be considered less of a serious student than his peers. He enjoyed the more physical and technical aspects of his training almost as much as his academics, and was a member of the academy’s soccer team and track and field team during all four years at the academy. His reputation as something of a pretty boy jock made him try that much harder in his studies, earning him a place in the top ten percent of his class when he graduated in 2364.

Early Starfleet Career (2364-2368)

Logan’s first assignment as an ensign was as an astrophysicist aboard the USS Hood, an Excelsior-class ship. He mostly had gamma shift assignments during his two years there, and was promoted to lieutenant junior grade in 2366, when he joined the crew of the vaunted USS Galaxy. Aboard the Galaxy, he was trusted with more responsibilities and found himself in charge of a number of small experiments himself. His dream was to become a department head, and his service there accelerated his chances for such a role.

USS Memphis (2368-2380)

While Logan had hoped to join a science ship or a heavy cruiser when he made the leap to department head, he was posted to the USS Memphis, a brand-new New Orleans-class frigate in 2368, as part of her first crew. As a lieutenant and Chief Science Officer, he had bridge duty for the first time and accompanied many of the ship’s away teams. For the first several years of his service there, the ship was mainly assigned to light exploratory duties within Federation space, but as the tumultuous 2370s started to unfold, it was deployed to more and more trouble spots, first to the Cardassian border to help deal with the Maquis threat, and then as part of of the Fourth Fleet at the start of the Dominion War, where she participated in many pivotal battles. As a much more modern ship than some of her peers in the frigate size range, she didn’t suffer as many casualties as some, but the war still took a toll on the ship and on Logan, personally, who absolutely hated combat. He became Second Officer in 2371, when the previous one was assigned as First Officer to another ship. In the same year, Dr. Blake Seaborn joined the crew. A fellow lieutenant commander, the other man had been a few years behind Logan at the academy. They immediately hit it off, and by 2373 they were married, not knowing what the future would hold with the Dominion War now in full swing.

In 2374, the executive officer of the Memphis was killed during the First Battle of Chin’toka when a console on the bridge exploded. Logan was field promoted on the spot to take over his duties, with that promotion to lieutenant commander becoming permanent several days later. While he hadn’t ever wished to enter command that way, he found that he was actually well-suited to the role, as he was able to get subordinates to follow regulations without needing to shout or chastize, because of his calm, matter-of-fact demeanor. Following the war, the Memphis was assigned to patrol the former Demilitarized Zone, which was now quite unstable thanks to the way the borders had changed to return some Federation colonies to the Federation, after close to a decade of Cardassian rule.

In 2375, Logan and his husband had a child via surrogate, their son Ryder Logan, receiving a special dispensation to have him aboard the ship with them. It was not intended for families, and so by the time he was five, it was clear that they needed a different living environment if he was going to thrive.

USS Modesto (2380-2389)

Logan joined the USS Modesto in mid-2380, as a full commander and executive officer. This was a significantly larger ship than the Memphis, though her assignments would end up being much more sedate. In fact, the Modesto didn’t engage in combat at all for his first two years on the ship, until it was forced to defend a subspace relay station against scavenger forces. This suited Logan just fine, though, as he enjoyed getting to really dig back into science and exploration after twelve years on a frigate, and it was a stable environment for his family. Logan led most away teams, and participated in several dozen second contact missions during his time as first officer. After four years, he was promoted to captain and took command of the Modesto.

After undergoing a minor refit in 2384, the Modesto joined the Romulan evacuation mission, pulling evacuation containers alongside Wallenberg-class tugs to expedite their efforts. These missions were fairly straightforward, if boring, with the Modesto often leading convoys and serving as a medical support ship alongside the more spartan vessels she was leading. Luckily, the Modesto was far from Sol when Mars was destroyed in 2385, but she was assigned to assist in the recovery efforts there for several months after completing her final evacuation convoy detail. With the evacuation unceremoniously scrapped by the Federation Council, the Modesto returned to general utility duties within the Federation.

In 2386, Logan performed an accidental first contact mission, when a planet previously thought to be inhabited only by non-sapient lifeforms turned out to have a benthic civilization deep within the planet’s oceans. This was considered a success, even though California-class starships were not normally given that honor. He earned the Star Cross for this action, though, and the Modesto began to get more complex mission assignments. His crowning achievement aboard the Modesto was successfully repairing a system of aqueducts for a Human colony that had been damaged by Breen raiders to attempt to force the population into abandoning the mineral-rich world, where the Modesto also installed a powerful defense grid.

USS Toronto (2389-2395)

After five years in command of the Modesto, Logan took command of the newer Parliament-class USS Toronto, which was very similar in most respects to his previous ship, but slightly larger, slightly faster, and slightly better equipped. Aboard the Toronto, he frequently found himself as the senior officer present for more complex engineering projects, coordinating the efforts of other utility ships to install weather control systems, build starbases, and other such tasks.

In 2391, the Toronto was installing a subspace transmitter as part of a second contact mission, when it was attacked by Orion ships under the mistaken impression that she was carrying valuable cargo. Logan was able to fend them off for almost three days, as they chased the Toronto throughout the system, before he found refuge within the atmosphere of a gas giant until help could arrive. Starfleet Intelligence found out that this was a ruse perpetrated by a rival Orion group that wanted to weaken their opponents by pitting them against Starfleet. Logan was awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor for keeping his ship safe with no casualties in the face of a superior enemy force.

In 2393, Logan’s son Ryder entered Starfleet Academy, not following either of his fathers but instead deciding to study Engineering.

In 2394, Logan once again handled himself well as a tactician when the Toronto answered a distress call from a planet near to Kzinti space, where he was able to drive off a significant force of raiders by employing sensor echoes and other trickery to convince the Kzinti that there was an entire Starfleet task group in the system. For this, he was ‘promoted’ to a capital ship command in 2395.

USS Leyte Gulf (2395-2399)

Logan assumed command of the Akira-class USS Leyte Gulf in 2395, which was assigned to operations near Romulan space for the duration of his command. While it was actually smaller and older than the Toronto, as a heavy cruiser it was a significantly more prestigious command. Carrying a wing of Valkyrie-class fighters, she was frequently sent into combat zones to safeguard Federation interests, especially in the former Romulan Neutral Zone. After two years, Logan was promoted to Fleet Captain and placed in command of a task group of four other Akira-class ships sent in to protect vulnerable colony worlds in the area, operating with their fighters as a force multiplier to secure whole systems all at once. In this year, his husband took a teaching post at Starfleet Medical Academy, which meant they were serving apart for the first time in over twenty years. This was a blow to Logan’s morale, but with subspace communications and regular shore leave, they both continued to be happy in the relationship.

In 2398, Logan led his task group against a Romulan warlord who had seized command of several decommissioned warbirds, intent on carving out a piece of the neutral zone for himself to launch strikes against Federation targets in retribution for the destruction of his homeworld. The operation took several weeks, but with a novel fighter-based tachyon detection strategy, Logan’s task force was able to hunt down and destroy all of the stolen warbirds before they could make any strikes against Federation targets.

Fourth Fleet Command (2399-Present)

Logan was tapped by Vice Admiral Aubrey Seagraves in 2399 to assist Commodore Uzoma Ekwume as Deputy Commander, Fourth Fleet Expeditionary Group. In this role, he was to supervise the Fourth Fleet’s most elite starships and other vessels sent beyond normal operational ranges. Before he could even get to Starbase 4, though, he was diverted to take temporary command of the USS Europa on a delicate mission to extract a Cardassian transport from the Badlands, where it had gone missing.

Following this assignment, Fleet Captain Logan served as Deputy Commander of the expeditionary group for only six months, before he was promoted to commodore and assigned to Admiral Liam Dahlgren’s staff as Assistant Deputy Commander for Readiness. His mandate was to organize training exercises between various units, but in practice, he became Admiral Dahlgren’s chief advisor and has been empowered to make decisions in his absence on day-to-day matters.

Desiring a return to the field, Commodore Logan secured a transfer to Arcturus Squadron in 2401. Logan’s tenure in command of Arcturus Squadron was brief, however, as he was relieved of command during an altercation on the bridge of the flagship in January of 2401. After an examination by the ship’s medical department, it was revealed that he had been brainwashed by the Romulan Free State using extensive neurological conditioning. Commodore Logan has been on rehabilitative leave since his condition was discovered.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2360 - 2361 Astrophysics Cadet Starfleet Academy, Earth
Cadet Freshman Grade
2361 - 2362 Astrophysics Cadet Starfleet Academy, Earth
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2362 - 2363 Astrophysics Cadet Starfleet Academy, Earth
Cadet Junior Grade
2363 - 2364 Astrophysics Cadet Starfleet Academy, Earth
Cadet Senior Grade
2364 - 2366 Astrophysicist USS Hood
2366 - 2368 Astrophysicist USS Galaxy
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2368 - 2374 Chief Science Officer USS Memphis
2374 - 2380 Executive Officer USS Memphis
Lieutenant Commander
2380 - 2384 Executive Officer USS Modesto
2384 - 2389 Commanding Officer USS Modesto
2389 - 2395 Commanding Officer USS Toronto
2395 - 2397 Commanding Officer USS Leyte Gulf
2397 - 2399 Commanding Officer USS Leyte Gulf
Fleet Captain
2397 - 2399 Commander Task Group 27
Fleet Captain
2399 - 2400 Deputy Commander Fourth Fleet Expeditionary Group
Fleet Captain
2399 - 2400 Interim Commanding Officer USS Europa
Fleet Captain
2400 - 2401 Assistant Deputy Commander for Readiness Fourth Fleet
2401 Commander Arcturus Squadron