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Profile Overview

Frank Dorner

El-Aurian Male

Character Information


Chief Flight/Comms Officer
USS Neptune


Lieutenant Junior Grade


As one of the more traveled officers in StarFleet, Dorner’s experience with little known star systems and his advanced mastery of some of the most complex languages in the galaxy make him a coveted officer aboard any vessel. As a jack-of-all-trades and master of even more, he is rarely stumped by any situation and is able to assess most issues with a cool calmness that only comes from experience. His laid back demeanor is rarely ever broken, and even in the most stressful of situations he is known to simply close his eyes and escape into his mind for a moment as he considers all solutions.


After the destruction of the El-Aurian’s homeworld and the slaughter of much of their race by the Borg, those remaining in the El-Aurian race were scattered throughout the galaxy. A few El-Aurian refugees chose earth as their new home. Franklin’s father and mother were among these refugees. Franklin’s mother was pregnant when they first settled on earth, and when they gave birth to their son they determined to help him fit into this new world with a name that was common to the area.

Yet not even a name like Franklin Dorner could truly help the El-Aurian child to fit in with the humans in the world around him. He quickly realized he was far different then the humans of earth. While normal earthlings would form friendships and romantic relationships with others that would last the entirety of their lifespan, he was forced to watch his friends grow old and change in ways that he was unfamiliar with. He found it difficult to relate to humans and soon developed an introverted and uncommunicative personality. Closing himself off from those around him, he pulled into himself as he struggled with his inability to connect with those around him.

He entered the Starfleet academy at the urging of his parents, but struggled fitting in with the other students, and although he graduated with high marks and quickly rose to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade while serving on the fleet, he failed to find meaning in his role. He realized he had several questions about how to approach situations, sometimes finding his own behavior to be aloof or overbearing. Desiring to figure out the person he wanted to become before continuing on his path any longer, he took a sabbatical from his service to Starfleet. This decisions upset several of his peers and friends, including his parents, but he felt the need to plan out a more concrete path for himself instead of possibly allowing himself to become a person he did not want to be.

At 100 years of age he left Starfleet to discover how he fit into this world. His journey of self-realization lasted for 73 years in which he explored this world called earth. Adopting an unassuming and nomadic style of life, he learned to enjoy the small things in life, not staying in one place for long or forming deep connections, but constantly on the roam to discover new things and explore new places. He chose to keep his identity as an El-Aurian as a secret from most who he met, and paid for his travels with any odd work he could pick up along the way. Once he was satisfied that he had learned most of what the earth had to offer, he decided to explore the galaxy in an attempt to learn more about other species.

Catching rides on various trade ships he made his way from one planet to the next. During his travels throughout the galaxy he was able to come to terms with who he was and find a peace in his life. It was during his time with the Ocampans that he was truly able to reach a new clarity. Observing how they lived during their lifespans which were much shorter than most, he was able to finally accept the differences in his situation. While living with the Ocampans, he meditated for years on how he should approach his future and how he should interact with the different species around him. Finally determining a course for his future, he re-enlisted in Starfleet.

Due to his experience and extensive knowledge of the galaxy, he was easily able to prove his worth as a translator and navigator. With a far different demeanor than most would expect from an El-Aurian, he is generally well liked among Starfleet command, although some still hold a grudge and consider him unreliable due to his previous departure. Despite his extensive knowledge, he maintains his humble and unassuming nature, content to follow the old ways of his people and play the role of a listener and observer rather than try to be a dominating figurehead. Upon re-entry into Starfleet as a Lieutenant Junior Grade, he was assigned to a position aboard the Tesla under the command of Captain Ryder.