Profile Overview

James Holmes

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Holmes


Commanding Officer
USS Ride


As one of Starfleet’s “Old Guard,” James is a skilled diplomat, as well as a decorated Veteran of the Dominion War. During a conflict, he will constantly reassess his situation, and adjust his tactics on the fly. He has been a Commanding Officer for the majority of his career in Starfleet, through both good and bad times for the Federation. He is known for being fair-minded, even-keeled, and rational.

James was hand-picked as the CO of the USS Ride by Admiral Tondro herself, as the two previously had a working relationship.


Early Life:

Born and raised on the shores of Lake Armstrong, James would describe his early life as full of love but uneventful. Raised by two parents who were teachers, he found most of his school and young life to be rather boring, as children often do.

Starfleet Academy:

James will be the first to tell you that his grades weren’t exactly stellar (a fun dad-joke to throw around) and that he graduated about the middle of his class, with a degree in Stellar Cartography, because it was the one thing he found to be the most interesting in his time at the Academy.

In his final Academy year, 2352, he took a midshipman’s posting as a Navigation/Stellar Cartography officer aboard the USS Melpomene, a Miranda class ship.


James’ first five-year stint was aboard the Melpomene, acting as a junior science officer. He found it to be a relatively sedate posting, as they were tasked with exploration far away from where the Federation-Cardassian War was occurring. His time aboard the ship was spent largely in his bunk, or in the Stellar Cartography lab. At the end of this tour, he was promoted to Lieutenant and took a transfer to a larger ship.


James’ second posting was aboard the USS Prestige, an Ambassador class starship. He served as a Junior Science officer aboard, advancing to the role of Chief Science Officer, and the rank of Lieutenant Commander, by the end of this tour. He made several lifelong friends aboard this ship, and met his future wife, Doctor Autumn Darby.


James was offered the post of Executive Officer aboard the USS Richter, a Nebula class starship assigned to explore the Beta Quadrant. It was on this ship that he really cut his teeth as an officer, and his command style began to shape itself. Known for being a sympathetic ear, and being willing to listen to all sides of a situation before coming to a conclusion, he gained the respect of his crew quickly.


At the age of 39, James was offered command of the USS Portland, a New Orleans class ship, and tasked to support in the Dominion War effort. In the almost 3 years of the war, James and his crew served admirably, and nearly lost their vessel numerous times, the ship being outclassed by most Dominion vessels.

In the post-war years, James found his ship mostly relegated to close-in missions: second contact, light diplomatic missions, and secondary stellar cartography.


In 2387, James was posted to the USS Normandie, an Insignia class starship, and assigned to Task Group 89-48552, a small group of ships assigned to assist the Cardassians in their continuing rebuild, updating of infrastructure, and smoothing of relations between the Cardassian and Bajoran governments. Under the overall command of Commodore Niana Tondro, James and his crew gained many successes.


In 2398, Admiral Tondro re-assigned James to the USS Ride, her Odyssey class flagship, as the Commanding Officer.