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Romulan Male

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USS Neptune





At the moment, his whereabouts are unknown. He doesn’t give his location out to anyone, unless they become someone very trustworthy. Any chances of communicating with him are through leaving a message with a dealer on some backwater outpost somewhere along the border, near the Archanis Sector. Otherwise, he will be flying a small transport vessel, doing jobs that give him the opportunity to collect parts for his project, or enough credits to buy the parts. Though, sometimes, he wouldn’t mind getting his hands much dirtier….


Ajis was born on the Romulan Homeworld, Romulus, years before the disaster occurred. Thanks to his family being in the Romulan Imperial Navy, he was one of many who were able to evacuate long before their home was destroyed. He was at a young age when this happened, an age that absorbed information easily, but was also easily manipulated as well. His parents fed him with their hatred of the Federation, blaming them for the loss of millions, for the way the Romulan Empire had split into three separate governments, how all the territory that rightfully belonged to the Romulan Star Empire were now divided between their two neighbors. He was raised to hate the Federation, for many reasons that his parents burned into his young, spongey brain.

So when he became of age, he decided to follow in his parents footsteps and joined the Imperial Navy, not that he had much of a choice really, but he made sure that it was made clear that he volunteered, not conscripted in like they want to believe. He took engineering courses, as he found the engineering side of the Empire was remarkable and intriguing. But, after his run on the weapons range, he was found to be naturally gifted and was taken away from his normal courses to a facility for special training. He still completed all of his current courses for an engineer, but he was then trained to be an agent of the Empire.

Over the years of his career, when ever he was needed by the Empire, a special requisition would be made to whichever Commander that Ajis happened to be serving, and then Ajis would depart from the vessel to join a small team. The most that Ajis had ever done was being a marksman with a long rifle, with a built in scope that extends upwards and out.

Ajis had found his life in the Empire to be the most wonderful thing in his entire life. That is until he found out that his parents went missing, and he used every resource and favor he had to find them, only to realize that the Imperial government had believed that his parents were selling classified information to both the Romulan Free State and to the Romulan Republic, as well as to the Federation. When they discovered this, his parents were captured, questions led to interrogations, interrogations led to torture and torture led to death. Upon investigating into it even further, he found these allegations on his parents were inconclusive, no evidence, no proof, nothing at all pointed at his parents, nor was there any sign of treachery. All of it was made up. Worse of all, it was all over the news for every planet on the Romulan Star Empire, a way to show that the Empire will not tolerate traitors, and to strengthen the loyalty of their citizens that the Empire will always be vigilant with security.

Upon discovering this fabricated lie, he used his training to first get rid of the tracker in his arm that was planted when he first began his specialised training, reprogrammed it to keep sending the same signal as it always has been, without alerting that there has been tampering or that it was no longer surrounded by flesh. Then he took a shuttle from the D’Deridex Warbird he served on, delayed the system that would alert the Bridge of an unauthorized launch, and left right away. Everything he owned, after disabling the fire suppression and detection system in his quarters, was burning to ash, while he masked his warp trail and went into hiding.

For a few months, he thought he had done well to avoid detection but unfortunately that was not the case when he was at warp, heading to a remote system and was suddenly attacked. Forced to find the closest star system, he set course for it and did his best to either avoid damage or reinforce the shields to absorb the damage until he got to the system. But the moment he dropped out of warp near a habitable planet, the Romulan vessel dropped out behind him, fired a few more shots and he lost control of his shuttle, which sent him straight into the planet. As he struggled to regain control of the craft, he noticed the sensors were notifying him of something that they detected just after getting through the first two ozone layers. But his focuse immediately went back to regaining control and was only able to get thruster control back, which did allow him to try and make the crash landing more…controlled.

Ajis did survive the crash, luckily and after tending to the cuts and bruises he suffered, he took a data padd, hooked it up to one of the consoles after yanking a panel out from beneath it to hook them up directly, and downloaded the sensor data. From there, he took all the supplies he could carry before going onto his adventure. While he trekked for several kilometers to find this mass the sensors found, he thought to himself, why haven’t the warbird that found him sent troops down yet? But he soon relinquished that thought when he finally located the mass the sensors had found. It was a T’Liss Warbird.

Upon investigating the vessel for several hours, he discovered that much of it was still intact. He returned to the shuttle and removed its power core, as careful as he can be, and used it to restore as much of the systems that were not badly damaged. The cloaking device was the first thing he checked and as soon as he realized it was functioning, he went to work to do some modifications to it before activating it, not wanting to drain the power core dry, not yet.

He was not sure why this vessel had been left here abandoned, but he wasn’t going to take any chances and as soon as he gets the chance to, he will try and restore ship functions and get the bird flying again. Luckily for him, the world he was on, was in a system close to the border and close to a neutral part of space where he can start setting himself up as a mercenary. Hopefully, with enough tender love and care put into his project, he won’t have to stay on that planet for too long.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2386 - 2390 Recruit Training
2390 - 2392 Engineering Officer/Intel Specialist IRW Haakara
2392 - 2395 Assistant Chief Engineer/Specialist IRW Haakara
2395 - 2399 Chief Engineer/Specialist IRW Haakara
2399 - Present Mercenary Maybe hunting you