Profile Overview

Jacob Frederick Hayes

Human Male

Character Description

Jacob Hayes was born in Florida on August 23rd, 2320. As a boy growing up, his parents were rather insistent that he become a doctor like them, in fact they practically drilled him with knowledge the human anatomy and what to do in this situation or that situation almost every year of his life until he became the age of eighteen, where he was finally free to make his own decision. Before then, while his parents were educating him in becoming a medical doctor, he often watched the news on the new races coming and going, the gossip and how things were going with the warp program, or at least what was allowed on the news anyways. The idea of space travel, traveling to other stars and meeting new races intrigued him far more than being a doctor. So when he became of age, he applied and joined Starfleet Academy in 2338, in the degree of Engineering.

Jacob graduated from the Academy in 2342 and started serving on board the Hathaway as a Junior Engineer where he got more hands on training and advice from his Chief Engineer on how things were different from schematics, and academic training, to an actual real engine and how it operates in space. Jacob did learn that there were subtle differences, and that everything he learned from the Academy did not quite compare to the real thing. After his orientation and weeks of training under the Engineering Senior Staff, he was released to conduct various maintenance work around the ship over the course of his career on board the Hathaway. When the conflict between the Federation and the Cardassians rose into a full out war, that’s when Jacob began to rise through the ranks as he had worked vigorously to try and keep the ship combat ready and make repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In 2345, the Hathaway sustained heavy damage in the defense of one of the Federation’s border colony worlds. The damage had caused a coolant leak that the Chief Engineer had evacuated everyone from Main Engineering but stayed behind to prevent a warp core breach by sealing the leak. By doing so, not only did he save the ship but he also was the only one who suffered and died. At this point, the Assistant Chief Engineer was elevated to Chief Engineer and Jacob was promoted to Lieutenant with given the position of Assistant Chief Engineer. In 2347, the Hathaway joined in a fight against the Cardassians in attempt to take back a system that the Cardassians had taken from the Federation. They succeeded in reclaiming the system and removing the Cardassian troops from the colony, but one of the vessels, the Repulse had lost their Chief Engineer as well as their Assistant Chief Engineer, and needed a replacement. Everyone on the engineering staff of the Repulse were green, so the Captain required someone who had more experience in the area to take Chief Engineer, and thus, Jacob was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and given the position, transferring from the Hathaway to the Repulse.


Character Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2338 - 2339 Engineering Starfleet Academy
Freshman Cadet
2339 - 2340 Engineering Starfleet Academy
Sophomore Cadet
2340 - 2341 Engineering Starfleet Academy
Junior Cadet
2341 - 2342 Engineering Starfleet Academy
Senior Cadet
2342 - 2343 Engineering Officer Hathaway
2343 - 2345 Engineering Officer Hathaway
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2345 - 2347 Assistant Chief Engineer Hathaway
2347 - 2349 Chief Engineer USS Repulse
Lieutenant Commander
2349 - 2353 Executive Officer USS Repulse
2353 - Present Commanding Officer USS Okinawa

Character Summary

Jacob Hayes is currently a Starfleet Captain in Command of one of Starfleet's finest vessels. It was 2353 when Jacob Hayes was given command of his first vessel during the Federation-Cardassian War. Now he leads his crew into battle against the Cardassians, in hopes to end this conflict once and for all. But knowing full well that the Cardassians had no interest in peace when they had attacked a starfleet vessel that offered truce to the Cardassians, Jacob Hayes is unsure how much longer his crew can keep this up without tensions rising and morale falling.

Current Assignment

Commanding Officer
USS Okinawa