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Jacob Hayes

Human Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Captain Hayes


Commanding Officer
USS Altai (Archive)


Jacob Frederick Hayes



Jacob Hayes is a Starfleet Captain in Command of the USS Altai, a Steamrunner-Class. Hayes is a bit of a laid-back kind of man. If he wanted someone to follow the book, he would give it to them because he wouldn’t use it. But that does not mean he would break the rules, otherwise, he would not be in Starfleet. Although, some would wonder what kind of secrets the man is keeping.



Jacob Hayes was born in New York on August 23rd, 2350. Not a lot could be said about Jacob as he grew up. He pretty much kept to himself in his childhood years. As he became a teenager, he joined the junior football team and proceeded through to highschool. This change in personality helped him gain some friends. Some had come and gone over the years, while others stayed in contact. After graduation, he had the opportunity to join the big leagues but instead, he applied for Starfleet Academy and passed in 2369. From there, he remained in the sport of football while participating in various courses over the years. First-year was security, the second year was piloting, the third year was engineering, and the last year was command.

Jacob graduated from the Academy in 2373 and started serving on board the Hathaway as a Junior Engineer, where he got more hands-on training and advice from his Chief Engineer on how things were different from schematics, and academic training, to an actual real engine and how it operates in space. Jacob did learn that there were subtle differences and that everything he learned from the Academy did not quite compare to the real thing. After his orientation and weeks of training under the Engineering Senior Staff, he was released to conduct various maintenance work around the ship over the course of his career on board the Hathaway. During Dominion War, Jacob worked vigorously to try and keep the ship combat-ready and make repairs as quickly and efficiently as possible.

In 2377, the Hathaway sustained heavy damage due to a freak accident while the ship surveyed an anomaly. The damage had caused a coolant leak that the Chief Engineer had evacuated everyone from Main Engineering but stayed behind to prevent a warp core breach by sealing the leak. By doing so, not only did he save the ship, but he also was the only one who suffered and died. At this point, the Assistant Chief Engineer was elevated to Chief Engineer, and Jacob was promoted to Lieutenant with given the position of Assistant Chief Engineer.

In 2380, the Hathaway responded to a distress call from the Repulse; they were under attack by a Pakled warship. The Hathaway engaged the Pakled ship and managed to scare it away, but the Repulse had lost their Chief Engineer and their Assistant Chief Engineer and needed a replacement. Everyone on the engineering staff of the Repulse was green, so the Captain required someone with more experience in the area to take Chief Engineer. Thus, Jacob was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and given the position of Chief Engineer, transferring from the Hathaway to the Repulse.

In 2383, the Repulse had been among those that were affected by the virus and had engaged several other Starfleet vessels. While his teams were doing damage control and tried to keep the shields online, Jacob tried to remove the virus from the computer core to no avail. But once the Protostar was destroyed and the virus was no more, the Repulse managed to survive as well as other vessels. Jacob and his team spent hours along with other engineering teams to repair what damage they could, up to the extent of needing a dry dock. Unfortunately, Jacob is approached by the Captain to learn that the First Officer had perished and Jacob was the Captain’s choice as a replacement. Jacob was then promoted to Commander and assigned as the new First Officer of the Repulse.

In 2387, just moments before the Romulan supernova occurred, along with the destruction of Romulus, the Repulse responded to a distress call in the Romulus Star System from a Romulan vessel that was having engine problems. With the desperation to evacuate to safety, no other Romulan vessel would stop to assist. With limited time on their hands, Jacob transported over with a team of engineers and worked diligently to restore power to their warp engines. The Repulse also remained long enough to assist any other Romulan vessel with issues before they were ordered to leave the system. After the supernova, the Repulse remained nearby to assist any other Romulan vessel that needed it. A year later, the vessels that the Repulse had assisted had dignitaries that had a hand in the creation of the Romulan Republic. Their gratitudes were sent to Starfleet Command, and thus, several officers were commended, including Jacob and those that were on his team. The crew held a celebration ceremony, but it would later become a farewell party as they learned that the Captain was retiring. A day later, Jacob learned that Starfleet Command had chosen him to replace their former Captain and thus was promoted and given command of the Repulse.

For twelve years, Jacob Hayes had commanded the Repulse through several accomplishments. The Repulse had a couple of encounters with the Romulan Republic that all led to positive diplomatic relations, one being that the Repulse responded to a distress call from one of the Republic warbirds and the other was the Repulse assisted a Republic colony in resolving their water and food situation. Repulse also had a couple of encounters with Klingon Birds of Prey under the House of Mo’Kai and was able to fend them off, but there was nothing in the conflicts that left any indication of what was coming in the later years. Repulse was then assigned to patrol Federation colonies that were on the edge of the border with the Klingon Empire and Archanis Sector, where the Repulse ended up repelling a small pirate raid on one of the colonies where its defenses were coincidentally offline due to maintenance. This led Jacob to investigate further into the matter to discover that an Enlisted Starfleet personnel had chosen to throw Starfleet Ethics out the airlock and aid the pirates. With enough evidence found against the subject, Jacob had them arrested and returned to the nearest Starbase for a trial that evidentially led to their court martial.

When the attack of the Hunters of D’Ghor occurred, the Repulse was unfortunately disabled during the first raid and was left adrift until the Fourth Fleet arrived to deal with the problem. The Repulse remained in a dry dock under repairs during the conflict. Months after the Repulse left dry dock, its systems were immediately locked out with the Omega symbol that forced Jacob to push the trust and loyalty of his crew to the very edge. After Jacob was able to accomplish his objective during the Omega situation, Jacob found that the trust, respect, and loyalty he had worked to build up with his crew for so many years had faltered. It was not until the Century Storm that gave Jacob the opportunity to regain it all back. And it was very much needed because, near the end of the year 2400, the Repulse joined the Fourth Fleet in the situation in the Delta Quadrant and remained near the entrance of the wormhole that led back to the Alpha Quadrant in case the Devore decided to try to come out far enough to ‘claim’ it. No matter how unlikely it was, the Repulse remained to guard an important asset.

After the Repulse returned to the Alpha Quadrant, the ship returned to the nearest starbase to undergo a scheduled major refit. This resulted in the entirety of the crew being transferred elsewhere; thus, one last farewell party was thrown before the day the crew left for their new assignments. Jacob was then approached by one of the Admiralty, who informed Jacob of the situation brewing in a region around a listening outpost where the USS Altai was currently stationed. As such, Jacob was instructed to take command of the Altai as the situation required it.

As of 2400, December 21st, Captain Jacob Hayes is now in command of the USS Altai.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2369 - 2370 Security Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2370 - 2371 Piloting Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2371 - 2372 Engineering Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2372 - 2373 Command Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2373 - 2375 Engineering Officer Hathaway
2375 - 2377 Engineering Officer Hathaway
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2377 - 2380 Assistant Chief Engineer Hathaway
2380 - 2383 Chief Engineer USS Repulse
Lieutenant Commander
2383 - 2388 Executive Officer USS Repulse
2388 - 2400 Commanding Officer USS Repulse
2400 - Present Commanding Officer USS Altai