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Profile Overview

Massi Evet

Betazed Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Evet


Massi Evet



Betazed-born and bred, Lieutenant Massi Evet graces the corridors of the USS Dragonfly as the ship’s Chief Counselor, her empathic abilities serving as a conduit to the depths of the human experience. With a serene demeanor and a heart steeped in compassion, Massi brings a unique blend of intuition and professional acumen to her role. Her empathic talents have been honed through years of practice and mentorship, making her a perceptive guide in the often turbulent sea of emotions that traverse a starship.

Behind her enigmatic smile lies a wealth of understanding, a testament to her commitment to unraveling the complexities of the human psyche. The ship’s crew finds solace in her presence, drawn to the sanctuary of her counseling suite where the weight of their thoughts and feelings can find release. Massi’s gentle touch and soothing words are a balm to weary souls, a lifeline for those seeking clarity amidst the chaos of spacefaring life. Her connection to her Betazoid heritage infuses her interactions with an aura of warmth and openness, inviting trust and fostering a safe haven for exploration and healing. With every session, Lieutenant Massi Evet weaves a tapestry of emotional support and resilience, an indispensable pillar of strength that upholds the spirit of the USS Dragonfly.