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Vulcan Female

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Commander Sivol


USS Sovereign





Sivol enjoys peace and quiet in her quarters for meditation, much like any Vulcans do. She also enjoys a simple plomeek soup or ulan soup. But she will on occasion try human food, out of curiosity. So far she enjoys a great deal of creamy tomato soup. However she greatly dislikes loud people, and being bothered when she’s reading. She also dislikes the Ferengi to a certain degree. Sivol currently serves on board the USS Centaur as a Medical Officer. She was recruited by the Captain after the D’Ghor incident, only to find that she were not the only one the Captain recruited….


Sivol was born on September 23, 2345 on Vulcan. She was the only child in the family. She grew up much like any Vulcan children. Learning to suppress their emotions, study a lot, get several degrees, basically strive to be the best as can be. So not a lot of interesting facts happened in Sivol’s life, she was simply that, a normal vulcan child who didn’t really strive to achieve anything. She did take her meditations seriously, although she did it mostly to calm her mind and sleep better than to suppress her emotions. She did suppress them to an extent, but a part of her was curious in experiencing those emotions, so from all that she’s learned about the dangers of Vulcan emotions, she took every precaution she could find from reading various books written by Vulcans and by Humans. This may have also made her curious about human cuisine, even though she still enjoyed her mother’s plomeek and ulan soups, and she would tell her mother every day that she made the best soup, even though her mother would insist that she makes it much like everyone else does and that there was no real difference. But despite what her mother said, Sivol still complimented her mother on making the best soup on Vulcan. Maybe it is because there have been times that Sivol would get really annoyed and say mean things to her mother when her mother disturbs Sivol while she is reading, though she does apologize for saying those things, she still felt complimenting her mother on her soup making was an added bonus for being somewhat…emotional to her?

Sivol attended several majors in the Vulcan Science Academy, studying hard, listening to her instructors, answering her questions correctly and scoring high on her exams. She would spend several of her young adult life in the Academy, learning as much as she can and gathering as much degrees she could under her belt much like any Vulcan. But it was when she was thirty years old that her mother and father insisted that Sivol join Starfleet, saying that the stars themselves have lots to teach her, and that she would learn a great deal from those stars, than from the ground on Vulcan. So, without any disagreements with her parents, she applied for the Starfleet Academy in 2375. Her years at the Academy was as it were on Vulcan, nothing exciting happened, she simply attended her classes on time, never late, listened to her instructors, completed her assignments early, and passed all her exams. She was the top of her class of 2379 and graduated as an Ensign. Now, normally Starfleet Academy would take her transcripts from the Vulcan Science Academy and just slap a couple pips on her, but Sivol insisted that she go through Starfleet Academy like any other applicant, and not be treated any different as well. She simply wanted to earn her pips. Although, being top of her class, she got the choice of any assignment she wanted, and she chose to serve on board the USS Merryweather.

Though in 2399, the Merryweather came under attack by several D’Ghor B’Rel Class Birds of Prey, and as much as they tried to fend them off, they were unable to. Some of the crew was captured, including Sivol, but the Merryweather was completely destroyed soon after. Sivol was taken to a D’Ghor camp on a planet somewhere in The Triangle, and she ended up being the remaining survivor of the crew, as the rest of the prisoners were either executed or…killed and eaten. Her captors though, had other plans for her and she was not too pleased as to what was coming next after the last prisoner before her was killed. She had feared that the worse was coming soon, but then one night she woke up to lots of noise, weapons fire as it were, and it wasn’t long until she was found by a Starfleet Hazard Team lead by Ensign Vakai. Of course, she felt a heat wave sweeping over her when she met him, whether it was some prisoner syndrome of being rescued by her savior to develop feelings for them or not, she was able to suppress it and keep it to herself. Although she did become rather curious and did ask some prying questions when she got the chance…

Until the D’Ghor crises ended, she temporarily served under Vakai’s command of the Delta Squad Hazard Team on board the SS Hornet, the D12 B’Rel Class Bird of Prey that they stole from a Klingon Outpost before they destroyed it. They even assisted several Starfleet ships in deploying some Windchime grid, something that she still has yet to look up in the Starfleet Database to learn what a ‘windchime’ is. After the crises was over, she was able to spend some leave time on board Starbase Twenty-Seven before she received her new assignment orders, which resulted in her being assigned to the USS Centaur as a Medical Officer. Little did she know, the Captain of the Centaur had been paying attention, and had plans for the former Delta Squad team and their leader.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2376 - 2377 Medical/Science Starfleet Academy
Cadet Freshman Grade
2377 - 2378 Medical/Science Starfleet Academy
Cadet Sophomore Grade
2378 - 2379 Medical/Science Starfleet Academy
Cadet Junior Grade
2379 - 2380 Medical/Science Starfleet Academy
Cadet Senior Grade
2380 - 2388 Medical Officer USS Merryweather
2388 - 2396 Medical Officer USS Merryweather
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2396 - 2399 Medical Officer USS Merryweather
2399 Squad Communications Officer Hazard Team Delta Squad - Temporary
2399 Medical Officer USS Centaur
2399 - Present Assistant Chief Medical Officer USS Centaur
Lieutenant Commander