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Alexander Johnson

Human Male

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Rank & Address

Lieutenant Johnson




Alexander grew up in the on the farming planet of Bootes III. Ever since he was little boy he longed to leave the planet and live among the stars. So the first chance he got, Alexander worked his hardest and applied to Starfleet.


Alexander was born to Jason and Meredith Johnson. His parents met while they were transferred to Bootes III to work on the farming equipment. They were married after eight months of dating and had Alexander two years after being married. To this day they continue live on Bootes III and work on the equipment.

Growing up there was not much to do on Bootes III and at the young age of twelve he vowed to leave and live among the stars. With that goal in mind he was determined to join Starfleet and to achieve his goal Alexander worked his hardest while attending schooling. He was usually found reading about or writing in his free time.

Upon completing his schooling, Alexander began the process for applying to Starfleet. He studied day and night and worked on his physical fitness by sticking to a strict regiment. When the time came to take his entrance exam, Alexander did not pass the first time. But, this did not discourage him. Alexander continued to study when it came to take the entrance exam once again he passed.

It seemed that his dreams of exploring and living among the stars were going to come true.