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Julia Silva

Human Female

Character Information




Lieutenant Commander


Julia Anna Silva



Lieutenant Commander Silva born in Hellas Planitia Colony, Mars is currently the Executive Officer and Chief Security and Tactical Officer aboard the lead-ship of the Reliant-class USS Reliant under Captain Kirk Bailey.


Born June 1 2365

2383-2387 Academy
Personal History Julia Silva was born in Hellas Planitia, Mars. Her parents were both second generation colonist, her mother served as a Doctor in the settlement medical clinic and her father was geologist. Julia was 13 before she ever stepped foot on the native world of her species. Visiting family extended family in Brazil.

Julia’s parents were supportive, but strict. It was made clear that she was expected to go to university and earn a degree and contribute. Much to her mother’s chagrin she decided to join Starfleet, like her father had done. While he had long since resigned he was proud that their only child choose to enlist.

Four years on Earth were a drastic change for the martian. She did well in school, but often struggled in the vastly larger urban metropolis. Graduating with a flight control major she was posted to the Intrepid-class USS Nelson. It was quickly deployed via DS9 to the Gamma Quadrant. Part of Starfleet’s efforts to counter the growing Dominion.

Two years after joining the crew Silva was promoted to Lieutenant JG and made Deputy Chief of her department. The Nelson routinely worked patrol and presence missions and when war broke out she found herself on the front lines. Serving aboard the USS Nelson through the Dominion War, takes part in the Battle of Cardassia. The USS Nelson, badly damaged in the final battle was scrapped. Commended and promoted to full Lieutenant Julia was assigned as replacement crew to the USS Republic, the Galaxy-class.

The Republic spent its first post war year in occupied Cardassian space working on humanitarian assignments supporting the ravaged Cardassian people. Julia found the assignment challenging, she understood on a rational level but helping the people who had spent the last several years mercilessly attacking the Federation was a challenge.

As she had the chance to meet and work with more Cardassians, especially the civilian populous she began to see that many Cardassians had hated the Central Command and the Dominion just as much as the Federation did. In 2377 she accepted an offer to return to Earth.

A flight instructor at the Academy for more than two years, the experience of working with new cadets rekindled some of the passion that Silva had felt faded the past few years. When her tour was up she requested a fleet posting, sitting still didn’t sit well with her and she needed to get back into space.

A surprise the day she left Earth was her former CO at the Academy, Captain Parker, presenting her with a promotion. Lieutenant Commander Silva got to return to home to Mars where she joined the USS Krishna a Prometheus-class crosier going into it’s final month of construction.

The commander enjoy the work of finishing the ship and prepping her for deployment. The Krishna was deployed to the Romulan border. The tour was surprisingly calm, two years after deployment Silva was promoted to the Krishna’s XO. While command had always been in the back of her mind, especially ‘wearing red’ she had expected that the position would still be several years away.

Her posting as XO wasn’t exactly what she expected, the Krishna’s Vulcan Captain had a very tight command style. A micromanager Silva’s experience as XO involved substantially more time sitting in her office doing paperwork than on the bridge. The Captain also required a significant number of non-standard reports. He rarely sought his XOs council in making decisions. The experience aboard the Krishna, and a nagging feeling that she needed to do something different in early 2382 she resigned her commission, retiring from Starfleet.


In 2385, with the tragic synth attack on Mars, Julia lost her entire family. Her parents, both still in Hellas Planitia were killed. Her grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins all of who were still on Mars were killed. Julia had been on Earth at the time of the attack. She was supposed to be visiting her parents on Mars at the time of the attack, however, she had pushed her visit a few weeks.

Having lost her entire family, now only a few distant cousins on Earth, she reenlisted in Starfleet. Her commission was reinstated at Lieutenant Commander and she was assigned Chief Flight Control Officer aboard the USS Lancelot.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2399 - Present Executive Officer
Chief Security Tactical Officer
USS Reliant (Reliant-class)
Lieutenant Commander
2397 - 2399 Chief Security Tactical Officer
Second Officer
USS Denali (Elysion-class)
Lieutenant Commander
2395 - 2397 Chief Security Tactical Officer
Second Officer
USS Krishna (Prometheus-class)
2391 - 2395 Chief Security Tactical Officer USS Frontier (Nebula-class)
2389 - 2391 Deputy Chief Tactical Officer USS Republic (Galaxy-class)
2387 - 2389 Security Officer USS Nelson (Intrepid-class)