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Pampo*Hasskin Unassey

Halanan Male

Character Description

Pampo serves Starfleet with great pleasure as an all purpose diplomatic attache. He is a man of mystery style spy and smooth talker. He has unusually powerful psychic projections, with enhancements to his cortical sensory organs he can remain conscious while projecting a psychic form of himself for up to two hours. Even small moments of rest can refresh this period sometimes, but is hard to maintain over long terms. His work with Starfleet on espionage and counter espionage has resulted in a steadily improving career and position. His projection is slowly learning to be alive, and is a brutal ego driven version of Pampo. Hasskin is not yet able to function independently but soon may be able to.

A middle aged Halanan of considerable ability and talent he did well as a boy in school and life and his application so Starfleet academy was greased with the need to fast track Halana. His parents were among the palace staff whose families traveled to Earth, he was raised as a child of diplomats and dinner parties. His parents were part of the teams who secured peace with the Klingons, as a young child he remembers seeing Khitomer in ruins and how his parents had said it was a good thing, that it would help their efforts. This style of double think would rule his wisdom and intellect forever.

He objected vehemently to the diplomacy at play during the Dominion War, and spent many years on sabbatical. The time was freely given by Starfleet for him to cope with his traumas, and Pampo returned an older and wiser man. After a few stints witht he Diplomtic Corps he realized his service to the Diplomatic Corps will go nowhere as an Ops officer, he will need to work in a ship or base to advance any further, thus him choosing a remote outpost far from any action.

He became a Jack of all trades Ops Officer- uses psychic projection for dangerous work and saves lives in process, easy career, tons of friends. As OPS he can transition to anywhere and advance his career, but he has a lack of adherence to rules that has hurt his career promotion prospects. He has a gift for diplomacy and in his early middle age has decided to lean into it and begun the trainings to become a full fledged Ambassador.

Character Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2365 - 2371 Diplomatic Corps Steward Assistant to Ambassador of Halana
Cadet Freshman Grade
- 2367 Cardassian Delegation- Support OPS with state duties assigned as needed.
Cadet Junior Grade
2367 - 2369 Klingon Delegation- Jurisprudence OPS/ Starfleet Intelligence
Cadet Senior Grade
2369 - 2369 Starfleet Intelligence- Cardassian delegation Observe and Report
2371 - 2372 OPS- Infantry Field support for Diplomatic officials- Bajor
2372 - 2372 Diplomatic Corps- Support OPS for Klingon delegation
2373 - 2377 Diplomatic Corps- Dominion delegation Translations/transcripts (Dominion)
2392 - 2392 Starfleet Academy (Re-enlisted) OPS technician Path
2393 - 2397 Starfleet Intelligence- Ambassadors office Assistant to Earth Ambassador
2397 - 2399 UFP Diplomatic Corps Official Federation Envoy- Beta Quadrant
Lieutenant Junior Grade
- Present USS Altai OPS
Lieutenant Junior Grade

Character Summary

Halanans have a dual personality, it resides in their subconscious and can manifest in dreams. With enhancements, Pampo can manifest his projection in waking form. Hakksin is a Psychic projection with great strength and ghost like qualities. Pampo is able to morph the projection with effort, creating dopplegangers that can serve to fool unwitting people. Hakksin has a personality that is incomplete, based around primal desires, and deadly serious about threats to Pampo. Hakksin is always there, a ghostly Hulk awaiting release. Pampo is a dedicated man of mystery, skilled diplomat, cunning tactician, expert infiltrator, loves to wine and dine and is portly. He is the Guinan of any ship, and works to keep the intelligence front supplied. S31 has shown interest but he isnt ready for an invite

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