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Ziva Speyer

Human Female

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Civilian Speyer


Ziva is a huge advocate of engineering and wants to help other to understand the achievements that Engineering has made. Though she never made it into Starfleet she respects what they do and is honored to help them.


Ziva was born in Jerusalem to a well known family. Her parents owned a huge aerospace engineering company that worked with many agencies including Starfleet. 

Ziva grew up learning about the inner workings of a starship and ships in general. Ziva wrote a paper about the complexities of a Warp Core at a young age. 

Her parents had seen her exhibit knowledge that most young kids couldn’t grasp. Her parents found out she was gifted. Her life could’ve been a huge mess due to the news, but her parents did not treat her any different. They always treated her with the same respect and love as their other kids. Ziva never looked at herself smarter than anyone else. She would always let others figure out the solution unless she was asked. 

Her childhood was spent working through her school and learning the engineering side of ships. Ziva’s family had asked her to take over the company when she had reached the age. Her brother and two sisters had gone off on their own paths. Ziva never had made a decision if she wanted to be part of the family business. She enjoyed the hands-on part of engiunot the administration side. 

Her father told her she could do both and hire others to handle the administration if she wanted. At the age of 20 she took over her parents empire Maelstrom Aerospace. Ziva immediately worked to procure a position with the Planitia Shipyards of Starfleet. Ziva was not only the CEO of the company but a contractor for Starfleet helping to provide guidance and advice where needed. 

Her reputation proceeded her and she was asked to help Bravo Fleet with any assistance they might require for a contractor. Ziva agreed and now works closely with Bravo Fleet as a Contractor.