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Profile Overview

Melissa Barbara Page

Human Female

Character Description

Missy was born to loving parents near New Braunfels, Texas.  Throughout her life, she was tending to her parent’s ranch and herding cattle, sheep and any other type of ranch animal that her parents decided to raise.  She found a love of hunting deer and wild boar from her older brother Woodrow as she grew up.  Not many would say that her life was destined for the stars but in her calm moments, she could be found sitting on the roof of her barn and just look at the stars up above.

The stars were like a calming thing to her as this was to be her second love.  After hunting all of the deer and wild boar taht she could, she made the confession to her parents to join Starfleet.  in her words, she still wanted to hunt down varmints… but also protect the peace by putting bad people in the clink.

In the Academy, Missy was not the best of students.  She kept getting demerits for shooting more targets than she was authorized to.  Her usual reaction to those demerits were, “The Varmints got what was coming to them!”  She did eventually graduate but she was near the bottom of her class.  It took nearly six months after graduation before a Captain could even consider her to go on the final cadet shakedown cruise.  Even then, Missy was her usual rambunctious self.  To her, the extreme was the only way to go.  In her mind, it was “Go big or go home!”  If it were not for her fast thinking that she was involved in the main security breach, than it was then that she was in her environment.  She was still smart enough to set her phasers to stun but when the ship was boarded by simulated aliens, she acted like she was on the hunt for deer back home.  Shooting first and asking questions later, she was able to disable all of the aliens that she was faced with.  Though she was still rambunctious, the Captain finally found a skill that she was good at… Security.  That was her calling as she was finally sent on her way to her next assignment.

Her first assignment was on the USS Pacifica where she was a Security officer.  She had her fair share of scrapes and tumbles but it was her Chief that tried to tell her to hold back.  At first, she did not and it was then that she inadvertently got a couple of crewmates killed after a small skirmish.  Seeing crewmates killed in front of her eyes, that finally woke up Missy into telling herself, “This is for real”.  Ever since that incident, she vowed herself to not go for the gusto when it came to securing perimeters and things like that… but that did not stop her from becoming even more boisterous in her speech.

After four years of an almost perfect record, she was recommended by her superiors to take a Chief Security/Tactical Officer position about a new starship.  Keeping her motto of “shoot first and ask questions later’, she jumped at the opportunity… no matter where in space or whatever starship she may land on.

Lord help them all when Missy comes in with guns a blazing!

Character Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2395 - 2397 Security Officer USS Pacifica
2397 - 2399 Security Officer USS Pacifica
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2399 - 2399 Chief Security/Tactical Officer USS Avenger
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2399 - Present Executive Officer USS Avenger

Character Summary

Missy is a very sassy woman. She lives and breathes the old Southern ideals and even has the deep Texas accent to admit it. She is very headstrong and get go for the extreme, even if it is not warranted. Sometimes, she needs to be reined in but as far as Starfleet is concerned, she is competent enough to hold back.... though she has been demerited many times due to her going to the extreme. She needs a Captain that can bring the reins back on her and not let her be the wild Texas girl that she can be at times. Maybe with more people to lead, she can get those reins held back and think about the entire scope of things, not just the matter at hand.

Current Assignment

Chief Security/Tactical Officer
USS Avenger