USS Fearless (NCC-14598)


Excelsior-class • NCC-14598 • Task Force 17

Information regarding the technical specifications of the excelsior class can be found


  • USS Gallant – T6
  • USS Stouthearted – T6
  • USS Spartan – T6
  • USS Doughty – T6
  • USS Venturesome – T7
  • USS Temerity – T7
  • USS Veracity – T9
  • USS Tenacity – T9
  • USS TBD – T11
  • USS TBD – T12


  • USS Lionhearted – Danube Class
  • USS Indomitable – Danube Class

Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Alpha Shift Conn/Helm Officer
ID: 2064
Executive Officer
ID: 2064
Alpha shift Security/Tactical Officer
ID: 2064

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28 August 2021

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USS Fearless: Secrets That Kill

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