USS Fearless (NCC-14598)

"It is not about being fearless, it is about acting in spite of fear" ~Veronica Roth


Excelsior-class • NCC-14598 • Task Force 17


The USS Fearless was one of several Excelsior Class starships commissioned in the late 23rd century.  Considered to be the workhorse and backbone of the Federation fleet for over a century, the Fearless and remaining Excelsior class vessels remain in active service to this day.  In keeping with the original designs, specifications, and purpose; the Fearless continues to serve a variety of mission profiles ranging from deep space exploration, sector patrol, courier assignments, and general transportation.  It is in this same spirit that the USS Fearless continues to stand resolute amid conflict in the modern galactic theater.

Kosinski Warp Drive

The Fearless received the Kosinski experimental upgrade to the warp drive engines.  It was recorded that engineering staff documented a “measurable increase in performance and engine efficiency” upon upgrade completion.  However, later research downplayed the findings suggesting the enhanced performance observed by the crew were due to “straightening out simple engine inefficiencies” associated with age of the vessel.  Prior to these disappointment findings, the Fearless transferred Kosinski, and his assistant to the USS Enterprise-D where they would oversee similar upgrades on the Federation Flag Ship.

Lost in the Knight Sky

In the year 2370, under the command of Captain Ameliye Simon, Fearless was directed to the planet Patnira.  While on the planet, Captain Simon and a number of crew were grotesquely mutated by an unknown Patniran weapon.  The mission logs, recorded by First Officer Shabalala, indicated “she begged me to kill her”.  With limited medical interventions available and crew and ship at risk, Shabalala obliged his captain’s request.  The Fearless was thought to have been lost, however, the skeleton crew remaining under the leadership of Captain Shabalala were able to make contact with Starfleet.  The vessel was deemed appropriate for salvage and repair and was given a second chance in Federation service.

Contribution to Stelar Cartography

2367 – Planetary mapping of the Beta Mahoga System: Starfleet Operations-Sectors 21166-23079.

2369 – Planetary mapping of the Beta Cygni System: Starfleet Operations-Sectors 21538-23079

2376 – Planetary mapping near the vicinity of BorSitu


Notable Starfleet Officers

Captain Harrington Weber – First Captain

Captain Ameliye Simon – Classmate of Benjamin Sisko

Captain Edmund Langston

Commander Joseph Shabalala – First Officer to Ameliye Simon; Classmate of Benjamin Sisko

Phigus Simenon – Would later serve on the USS Stargazer

Information regarding the technical specifications of the excelsior class can be found


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  • USS Lionhearted – Danube Class
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Crew Manifest

Name Position Rank
Alpha Shift Conn/Helm Officer
ID: 2064
Executive Officer
ID: 2064
Alpha shift Security/Tactical Officer
ID: 2064

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