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Bolian Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Commander Jiartun


USS Ride


Jiartun is a skilled database engineer and sensor technician. He requested a posting aboard the Ride due to it being a fairly new ship and the prestige of serving aboard a flag officer’s ship. He is very much a career Starfleet man and angling for a ship of his own.


Jiartun was born on an outlying Bolian colony, and never happy to stay in one place for very long. He applied for Starfleet Academy three times before finally passing the exams on his fourth time, at the age of 22.


After graduating, Jiartun was assigned to the USS Tereshkova, a small science vessel assigned to stellar cartography duties on the outlying areas of Federation space. He served as an Operations Officer aboard the Tereshkova, and enjoyed the posting. He was often assigned to Bridge duty, given his professional demeanor and lack of desire for chatter.


Jiartun was promoted to full lieutenant, and assigned to the USS Choctaw, an Akira class carrier, assigned to routine patrol within the core of the Federation. After a year aboard this vessel, and due to the destruction of the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards, the vessel was quickly reassigned to the procurement and deactivation of synthetic lifeforms throughout the Federation. He didn’t think too much of the mission itself, as he had his hands full dealing with the operations of the ship itself, and often the carrier bay.


Jiartun was promoted lieutenant commander, and transferred to the USS McAuliffe, a light cruiser assigned to science duty within the Alpha Quadrant. While he’d been promoted to Chief Operations Officer, and it was the longest stint of his career, he found this to be a pretty boring assignment. There wasn’t much left of the core worlds that was unexplored, and he felt that Starfleet was missing the mark in what its original intent was. Nonetheless, he served with distinction, garnering praise from his chain of command.


Jiartun requested posting aboard the USS Lili’uokalani for several reasons. It was one of the newest ships in the fleet, it was complicated, it was a technological marvel, and it was going out into deep space. He could serve aboard a ship doing what he felt (and often spoke loudly) that Starfleet should be doing. Additionally, it was the flagship of a Task Force, and Jiartun wished to eventually have a command of his own. He was promoted to Commander and his billet was accepted.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2380 - 2384 Operations Officer USS Tereshkova
2384 - 2389 Operations Officer USS Choctaw
2389 - 2398 Assistant Chief Operations Officer USS McAuliffe
2393 - Present Chief Operations Officer USS Ride