Profile Overview

Temujin Walker

1/7th human 1/8th Unknown Male

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Walker


USS Unknown Vessel ID


Tem is six feet 2 inches tall. He has blue eyes and light brown hair. Broad shouldered and clean shaven. He keeps his well groomed. No distinguishing scars or tattoos.


Tem was born in 2370 on the Volan III Colony. Early into his childhood his mother left his father and departed the colony before things grew too tense with Cardassia.  Shortly after the Maquis formed, Tems father booked passage for him to travel to Earth to be raised by his grandparents.

He finished his childhood out on Earth, and felt compelled to return to the stars. He applied for Starfleet Academy. While there he earned a reputation for being absent minded and spacey during many of the astrogation and stellar cartography classes. Teachers might call on him hoping to catch a student off guard only to be surprised when he’d name the answer off with little pause or effort. He also excelled during pilot training exercises. In one training flight his navigational gear went offline and he was able to safely get the craft back to base.

This innate sense of where he was Bothered Walker on a deep level. It was like an instinct to him and it was something he knew he shouldn’t have. Normal people couldn’t do what he could. While he always downplayed it or found a creative way to explain it without implicating he had some strange sixth sense, he wanted to get to the bottom of it.

He submitted himself for a physical afterwards and nothing out of the ordinary popped up. When he pushed for a more in-depth test battery his request was denied. He was told that he was healthy and such a deeper scan was unnecessary. Walker let it slide for the time being, but the matter was far from closed as far as he was concerned.

His first posting saw him assigned to a Nova class science vessel as its assistant chief conn officer. He performed especially well, navigating the vessel through a thick tachyon storm that caused the ships sensors to overload. Seeing the ship through the storm safely helped give him the nudge he needed for promotion. Eventually he was given the chief helmsman position when it was vacated.

He served this post for another 7 years and earned another two promotions before he accepted the chance for reassignment. He still hadn’t found what he was looking for yet.