Profile Overview


Human Male

Character Information






Vitor Titus Silveira



Height 1,78 mt
Weight 76 kg
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Vitor is average build, with brown hair and blue eyes. He has a well trimmed beard and a quick smile, mostly stamped on his face.
He has a slight tan look, that easily shows up after just a few hours in the sun. He has a barely noticeable scar above his left eye, and a birth sign, shaped like a medal on his left elbow.
General Overview Vitor is an outgoing, easy to like, life of the party kind of guy. He always has a smile and joke ready to fire, even in the most awkward moments. But that outside shell hides a serious and sometimes very strict officer. He is very sociable and eager to learn about the others around him.
He is “dangerously” curious, passionate about his service, viewing it as a life mission. His values regarding individual liberty and the search for diplomatic solutions are almost a religion to him.
His career choice as a Tactical officer is due to that, as his life motto is “If you want Peace, prepare to War”.
Strengths & Weaknesses Vitor has a quick mind, big heart and fierce loyalty to his comrades. He thinks quickly outside of the box and prefers to solve problems with words and gestures, rather than conflict. But when that happens he better be on your side.

Vitor´s curiosity is one of his weaknesses. Usually he compares himself to Pandora, but with a beard. He has a very hard time resisting his urge to open, enter, search, walk into something new he doesn’t know about. He also can be impulsive, his father always told him: “Do something, right or wrong, it is better to due something than standing still.” In those situations he might be blinded by events and easily chose the wrong options.

Ambitions Vitor wishes to one day command his own ship. That’s his career goal, but his secret ambition is to follow a political career.
Hobbies & Interests Military history was a teen fascination for Vitor, that he outgrew as he got older. But he still admires History, and is usually the first thing he likes to learn from others.
Vitor enjoys social interaction, easily adapting himself to the circumstances. He can get the party going, raising spirits and playing the clown, but he can also be the shoulder a friend could rely on in times of need.
He works out for about an hour every day and has a long holodeck library, were he enjoys recreating past events of Earths history.

Vitor was born on Earth in 2361. He is the only child of Carlos and Jane. His parents were an odd couple that completed each other. Carlos was an adventurous Starfleet officer, with a big heart and careless at times from Portuguese origins. Jane was a trader born in space, from parents of ancient English origin with a sharp mind, careful personality and as the Ferengi say “lobes for business”.
They meet on Risa and what started as “summer love” grew to a successful long distance relation.

Being an only child Vitor was pampered by both, and learned the awkward balance between his parents, both with their own careers which implied split time between them. When he needed more stability he would be with his paternal grandparents on Earth.
The best of times was when all of them were together, parents, grandparents and him on the family farm, those are Vitor’s best memories. The farm, now with only his grandfather Jonas living there, is the only place he feels as home.
Used to travel around Vitor quickly learn to not get too attached to things, people and places, rather to cherish the experiences and broader his horizons. And then his world was shattered by the Dominion war. On Earth he was safe, but his parents were among the casualties.

Vitor managed to hide the loss under a shell of a joyful character. And by the end of high school he had set a path for his future. Like his father he would enroll in Starfleet. His grandfather was against it, but his grandmother managed to put in a few good words from his fathers former Captain and since Vitor was a good student he was able to enroll in the Academy.

From 2380 to 2384 he worked hard and graduated forth in his class. It was a proud moment, even for his grandfather, but only the start of his career.

His first assignment was the USS Adelaide, serving on the Federation-Klingon boarder he wiped his ears until the attack on Mars. The images struck hard on Vitor, bringing back deep buried memories, has did the death of his grandmother.
He asked for a transfer, hopping to be more useful on a larger vessel. Due to his excellent commission on the Adelaide he managed to land a post on the Sovereign, and in the the old class prototype he owned his skills as an efficient tactical officer.