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Profile Overview

James Arnhem

El-Aurian Male

Character Information






James Ellis Arnhem has been a well respected member of Starfleet for over 80 years and has held 2 prominent commands, the first being the USS Düsseldorf and the latter the USS Churchill, of which James has commanded for some 30 years. James was born on the planet El-Auria and was witness to its destruction by the Borg. He can be a very serious person at times, but has a way with people and they find him an easy and approachable man.

Due to his longevity, James has at best, tried to keep many people at arms length and allows very few into his personal world. He has a close circle of friends that gets smaller as each year passes by. He had tried to open up and make new friends, but it is always hard to know that they will all pass into the light, long before he does, unless fate takes him.

James Arnhem has lost a lot of formality over the years and will often use crewmembers given names instead of titles or ranks, which at times endears him to the younger and junior crewmembers.

He is a thinker and a man of action, he will bypass rules if it mean saving the lives of others. James has a daughter named Robin, after his younger sister who died on El-Auria.


James has always been afraid of the dark although illogical and he knows this, he is still afraid when alone. James was once trapped in a dark well when he was a small boy for 3 days before being rescued. James like his cousin has engaged the Borg in a few occasions and once with him; he fears those most of all for what happened to his people and the countless now extinct races; the revenge and hatred of the Borg and all others races that try to dominate others, sometimes leads him astray in his passion for justice; though in a guise for revenge at times. Ever since James first visited Earth he became addicted to Tea. James Arnhem also has the ability to recall each and every ones name that he had served with or died under his command.


James finds strength in his resolve to do what is right and keep on the straight and narrow, though he has strayed rather close to the line at times in his pursuits. He is a quick thinker and takes action, although not always the logical direction. James knows a great deal of history and warp theories; He has spent most of his life as a peacekeeper attaining the rank of guardian and Knight Protector, Honorary ranks given by the Presidents of El-Auria, James has also been an Archaeologist, Dr, politician and Soldier among others. Being able to empathise with many people allows him a greater understandability of the people he knows and works with.

James likes to read his old books and sit by the open fire as well as play chess and the Violin. Sometime back he used to keep and ride horses and have a Dog called Mallory. James has a large collection of antiques and curiosities. Back in his younger days on Earth, he used to play lawn bowls and take photographs during his travels. As a small boy on El-Auria James took a keen interest in star gazing after his father gave him a telescope, although he now travels through space, it doesn’t quiet have the appeal as seeing the universe through the naked eye.

James currently has a Long Haired German Shepherd also called Mallory, descended from his original friend Mallory the first. Mallory is currently 10 years old and lives at Home; at St Pauls Cottage with Joan.

St Pauls Cottage is located in the Village of lower Norton, 3 miles from the Village centre of Brize Norton in Oxfordshire. The dwelling had been originally built in 1830 by a wealthy land owner for the marriage of his youngest daughter and had originally been called Evergreen End, up until 1890 when the large cottage had been purchased by Sir Cyril Longstaff who renamed the cottage Willow Tree and paid for the local Churchill to be repaired. Unfortunately by 1900 and in ill health; Sir Cyril passed away leaving the Cottage to his only son Edward. Who wishing to have nothing more to do with the Cottage or the Village, sold the property to James Arnhem in 1901.

James quickly renamed the property to St Pauls, after his own family’s home on El-Auria, and began tending to the large gardens and making light repairs to the dwelling and outbuildings. The property remained owned by James Arnhem until 1950 upon returning to El-Auria. James never actually sold the Cottage and it remained listed under his family name for the next 50 years before being claimed by the Government and James declared deceased.

By the year 2000 the Cottage and the grounds were bought by the Norton Family, whose ancestry fell back centuries to their name sake of the local village. The Cottage name was once more changed to The Willows and remained in the Norton Family for a further 150 years. After the final Norton resident passed away the property would remain derelict for some years and used as an army barracks.

It was not until 2275 when James returned to Earth that he sort out his old home and made a claim on the buildings that had been left for over 100 years.

One of James’s closest and oldest friends his house keeper Joan Anderson, Mrs Anderson, now a widow has lived at St Pauls Cottage for 50 years after accepting James’s invitation to take up the position and tender to the Home while he was way on missions. Joan has known James since she was 6 years old, when her father had been good friends with James while he had served as an Ambassador.


1623: James Ellis Arnhem was born to a loving family of Howard and Samantha Arnhem. James has 3 other brothers.

El-Aurian education takes 30 years to complete because of their extraordinary life span. James grew up at the same time as his cousin Endeavour Arnhem, the two spent hours playing and exploring along with James older brother Darik.

James and his family grew up in a small Village called St Paul’s, some 30 miles from the capital of El-Auria. The house was large but not to grand, white with a slate roof and picket fence surrounded by meadows and streams. His mother was a Dr and his Father was an Ambassador in the capital. The Arnhem family where possibly one of the most noble families on El-Auria and could trace their ancestry back to the founding of the planet, but they were never snobbish or overly prudish of their family links, but it mean that they had a lot to live up to. The burdens to bare of their forefathers, who had been great Presidents, Ambassadors, Peacekeepers and Defenders of those less fortunate.

1653: James completes his education. – Ancient Histories – Sciences – Medicine – Economy and infrastructures – Ancient Artefacts – Archaeology – Law and Order After graduating James takes up his role as a Junior Assistant, Dr of Archaeology, for a number of years he explores several alien planets and ancient civilizations, working on a number of books with his colleagues. 10 years later James published a booked called Gods and Kings.

1695: James still had a passion for medicine and returned home to become a junior practitioner at Alion Royal Free Hospital

1695: Darik Arnhem Discovers the Nexus for the first time

1710: While still working in the capital of Alion, as a surgeon. James and his cousin Endeavour were approached by the government to become peacekeepers; as part of a government backed initiative to attract new members to an ailing organisation. The two of them sign up. It had also been a long standing tradition of the Arnhem family.

1725: Promoted

1740: James made an Inspector in the Peacekeepers for duties in the name of Peace

1750 Darik Arnhem alters an asteroids trajectory to be in line with earth, his plan fails but two El-Aurian scientists die saving Earth. Darik had decided the only way to re-enter the nexus was to remove Earth as an obstacle. 2 counts of murder are added to his record, including mass genocide.

1775: James and 9 other Peacekeepers are sent out after Darik Arnhem, to return him to face justice for countless crimes committed against innumerable species.


Lost Brother

1790: After 15 years of searching across the Galaxy for Darik, James catches up with his brother with dire consequences. James had not been able to locate any of his colleagues and the last he had heard from El-Auria, was that most if not all had failed to return home and presumed dead. Now he was all alone and he would finally face his demons.

Unfortunately Darik had ideas of his own and had been observing his younger brother for sometime. He had lured him to a planet that had yet to be named or explored.

There had been an ancient civilization that had once thrived and now vanished into history. The scene was set, James transported down to the surface. A barren desert windswept and hot under the gazing sun, moments later Darik appeared and the two faced each other, weapons drawn.

James had pleaded with him to come back to El-Auria to no avail. Darik had truly lost his mind and would only consider death his final option. But first he had a mission to complete, and not even him; his brother could stop what God had planned.

For an hour James and Darik faced each other, until James relented and lowered his weapon, unable to shoot his brother. His hand had wavered and that was all that was needed for Darik, who fired, shooting James in the chest. James recalled the impact and the bullet passing between his hearts and then Darik standing at his side before passing out and hearing the words, “Goodnight dear brother”

An unknown length of time passed before James awoke on the planets surface, his chest healed and his body fully functional. He had no idea how or why he had survived; perhaps some divine intervention, but he was alive and the search was over. Now he decided it was time to return to El-Auria. Surely death was

The Borg

1793: While returning home onboard the Nightingale, his personal craft, James received a distress signal from one of El-Auria’s protected planets. The call was from his cousin Endeavour for assistance.

Upon arriving at the planet Gamorran James landed his craft some distance from the planets central city, while the yet relatively unknown Borg began there deathly attack on the harmless population and started their assimilation. During the brief engagement James got his first look at the mechanical beasts that would forever plague his life and his peoples. Endeavour would lose the lower left arm during the attack. They would manage to rescue a few dozen onboard the Nightingale, the losses would be incalculable.


James returned to El-Auria and relayed the news to the Council.

1799: After a lengthy recovery James was awarded the rank of Guardian of El-Auria for his courage and dedication in pursuing the Peacekeeper’s tradition along with his role in Darik Arnhem incidents

1800: James met Julia for the first time during a conference at the sky building.

1830: While working on a remote post in the Ferci sector as an aid worker James has his second encounter with the Borg as they move into assimilate the technologically rich but decimated race; the El-Aurian contingent manage to escape with a number of refugees. At this point in time the Borg where only able to use light speed, as they had yet to assimilate transwarp technologies currently designed and invented by the El-Aurians. By this time the Borg had started to search out and expand their limited territory with only a limited success and often thwarted by the elusive El-Aurians.

1855: James returns home to St Paul’s, to his parents home. James decides it was time to settle down for a bit peace and quiet, sitting in the garden with a glass of cool lemonade and the summer breeze, leafing though old manuscripts.

1889: Endeavour Arnhem contacted James for a new mission. James is asked to accommodate second chair in the next expedition to Earth. James had fallen in love with Earth without ever seeing her, the stories his father and grand father used to tell him; the books he had read as a child.


1900: Almost 10 years later James and 19 others arrive on Earth.

El-Aurians can of course come to Earth on their own, but it’s generally not sanctioned by the council as did Darik and others throughout Earths History.

1902: After travelling around India and making his way to England James buys a cottage in Oxfordshire and becomes the local teacher in a the village. After a few years James had become settled, most if not all had come to respect him and his position as the kindly school master.

1910: James travelled to Ireland to take up a position as a Professor of Anatomy at Dublin Hospital.

1913: War looms on the British Empire and James signs up to Oxfordshire Regiment

1914: WW1 starts; British Expeditionary Force, Lt.

1916 – 1918: July First – Major Oxfordshire Regiment; Somme, during the second advance. James went over the top with his men and marched into the yet unwritten history books. James returned to England suffering from a case of shellshock. Though he had been in dangerous situations countless times, there was still nothing as bad as the sound of thousands of screeching shells and millions of bullets flying, the screams of the dying and the weary drudgery of trench warfare

1919: James transferred to the Royal Flying corp. upon his return to England in a hope that he would move on from his current predicament.

1920: James becomes a qualified flight officer.

1930: James retires for the renamed RFC. Royal Air Force.

1931: Studies at Oxford University in Ancient History.

1933: Graduates with Honours and moves up north in England to Nottinghamshire.

1935: Professor of History in small village in Nottinghamshire.

1938: Germany invades Poland.

1939: James reenlists in the Royal Air Force and is repatriated Flight Lt after retaining to fly Hurricanes.

1940: Battle Of Britain – Hurricane pilot – Promoted to Squadron Leader after the death of the Group’s original CO.

1941: Battle of Britain over – 202 transfers to Bomber escort

1942: Wing Commander of 202 group

1943: James was Shot down over the English Channel; after surviving the incident he picked up and returned to England; James suffered a fractured leg.

1944: Fighter support over Normandy

1945: World War Two ends. James is made Group Captain of 202.

1947: Posted to British India. Military Attache

1950: at a supposed age of 60 James retired from the Royal Air Force; Group Captain DSO, DFC, OBE.

Returning Home

1952: James returns to El-Auria aboard the Transport Rising Star. Upon his return James was awarded El-Auria’s highest Honour, Knight Protector

1953: James Marries Julia and they settle down in St Paul’s. It is there that James builds them a home, similar to that of his parents in the hopes of a quiet life and a family. James worked for 4 years on their new home on the outskirts of the village. The house was similar in style to his childhood home, where his parents still lived.

The house was kept quiet traditional and simple; 3 bedrooms, Sitting room, kitchen etc. He and Julia spent many happy hours painting the outside and enjoying the great summer evenings with friends and family.

James and Julia live a relaxed life in the Village, telling stories to the young children that flocked to see James. Julia eventually opened a small orphanage adjacent to the house.

Almost 50 years had passed by the time James had returned home, unfortunately during that time, Julia had not been able to conceive a child, though saddened by this they had not been discouraged, Julia had take to care for the children the worlds under the El-Aurian Protectorate that could not support them. But the Lord God provided Julia and James with a son; whom they called Benjamin in 2010

2052: Starts career in politics after his election to Representative of Alion and later Senator.

2093: Delivers as speech at the Sky building about the Borg and possible threats to the surrounding system.

2095: After several rousing speeches at the Governments Sky Building and with the departing Senator for Alion nominating James for Senator, it was almost a forgone conclusion that James would take his place.

2100: James is nominated and requested to take up the position as Minister for Foreign Affairs, under the Williamson and then Endar Administration. James would make it his duty to ensure that all worlds and colonies were treated well and provided the defences needed to secure their positions within the El-Aurian Protectorate. Unfortunately the El-Aurian military was still far behind; technologically speaking.

James would work closely with the Defence department but would later come up against Paul Deitman, who declared El-Auria the safest place to live and that there would be no need to improve what did not need improving. How fatal that statement would prove to be.

By 2160 James steps down from Minster of Foreign Affairs and takes up a seat as a Council member. He was never keen on Politics and he had been outplayed too many times by his political opponents who detested change and wish not to involve them selves in the affairs of other worlds, regardless of the circumstances. James takes a time out with his family to visit Lake Eneva; they spent some 10 years there before James is called back to the Government Council.

2170: Reports of Darik are rife in Government chambers and James is asked to appear before the congress for a report. During the report several of the more outspoken cabinet members accuse James of not doing enough to stop Darik. James and Endeavour stand together in defiance. His final response to the Inquest was “How can one do more than for his people, than Die!”

For the next 30 years James sits on several committees overseeing aide negotiations and improvements to the El-Auria Military. Due to his strong opinions on the Borg threat and his all inclusive policies, he had made few friends in the Government Halls, but that never mattered to him, he had always cared about the people that could not voice their concerns or help them selves.

2200: James delivers his final speech to congress; afterwards he leaves his family for a sabbatical. James once again he returns to his routes and an Archaeologist, for a few years he spends time excavating an ancient ruin on Haluln.

2220: After 20 years James returned home to his family. Upon returning from Haluln, James would spend most of his time hiding in his study, his pen put to paper and reading old papers from the El-Aurian Archives. .

End of All Things

2260: After almost 60 years had passed since Darik had planted a Borg tracking device on El-Auria. The Borg Collective invades; taking El-Auria by surprise. Borg cubes appeared above the planet and began breaking through the limited defences. In the end sky building finally fell into the ruins of Alion. James had taken charge of the outer garrison. It is a futile attempt to hold the Borg at bay; his final act of courage was all too late for his family who had been killed as James had attempted to rescue them. After less than a week of fighting, millions dead and countless missing, they had managed to get several transports out.

During the closing engagements of the battle, James became trapped and had all but given any hope of having his revenge. It was James’s cousin Endeavour who would eventually find him and rescue the fallen hero.

2260 to 2275 there are no records stated by James’s journal [pages are missing]

2275: James arrives at Earth alone after leaving his friends and colleagues onboard the ASS Nightingale at the Aurian Asteroid base.

A return to Earth

2275: James finds his old cottage standing, even after all of Earths conflicts; he spends a couple of years making repairs and living as somewhat of a hermit’s life.

2279: James decides to make contact with the office of the Federation President with information pertaining to the El-Aurian presence and previous actions over the past several centuries. At this time all files remained classified.

2280: James becomes Official Ambassador at large for the El-Aurian people; James spends 12 years as the Ambassador for the El-Aurians and Federation advisor to the Presidents office.

2292: James continues to advise the Federation and Starfleet in policies.

2292: Moves Oxfordshire home

2300: James felt he needed to be more active in the fate of Earth and he still has unfinished business with an old foe, perhaps it was more out of vengeance that made him take the decision to abandon his diplomatic lifestyle.

2300: James decides to Joins Starfleet Academy; he decides against applying for a medical commission as he wanted to command, to take charge; he has never taken the easy route in life and there was no need to then, James is accepted into the academy.

Alternative Realities/Mirror Universe

Yesterdays Enterprise

2366 during the altered timeline the USS Churchill is engaged during the Battle of Vulcan. 3 months prior to the engagement, James had been informed of his daughters death onboard the USS Pacific along the Klingon boarder.

During his last engagement the Churchill is boarded by several Klingon attack groups, of which one penetrates onto the bridge and attacks the crew. James manages to fight off several of the Klingons before the ships crew regain control of the situation and shields are strengthened.

After a 3 hour battle and the Federation Fleet decimated by overwhelming odds, the crew of the Churchill battle weary face decision to surrender or abandon ship. James with nothing left to give or loose and in a great deal of pain from a Klingon dagger lodged in his side and the death of the ships doctor he declares every man for himself and to abandon ship, while turning on manual controls of the Churchill and turning all power, including life support to shields and drives the Churchill into the side of 3 Klingon battle cruisers in hopes of destroying at least one of the vessels.

Upon impact and the sideward’s momentum of the Churchill the vessels bride explodes, killing James Arnhem. The Churchill destroyed 2 of the cruisers. Moments later the timeline was restored and James found himself back on his bridge.

Mirror Universe

It has never really been stated which point had been the most significant divergence from the prime universe to that of the mirror universe, but certainly a major turning point had been the total dominance of the Nazi party during Earth conflict of World War II leading to Adolf Hitler reigning over the majority of Europe by 1944.

In 1945, seeing that they could no longer make a difference the El-Aurian people departed Earth for a final time; which included James Arnhem.

Upon returning home to El-Auria, James found himself back in the front seat in another conflict, this time defending El-Auria.

By 2000 the conflict had all but ended and El-Auria had stabilised and formed a protectorate of the local system, though remaining independent of all external governments and seating them selves superior to others.

2050 the Borg mount their first attack upon the El-Aurian system and the planets under her Protectorate. Over a 1000 ships engaged in a 10 year conflict again the Borg to maintain peace with an estimate of 12 million lives lost; the majority of the casualties had been El-Aurian Peace Keepers.

In the year 2100 El-Auria Government collapsed with a coupe of the Silren Party and the military dictatorship began with Admiral Perez Silren. His first act had been to disband the Protectorate and isolate El-Auria from all external entities.

James, an ardent supporter of a republic democracy led the opposition party to maintain equilibrium. Under the oppressive regime, Julia; James’s wife is murdered by unknown assailants. It was not until 2160 when James fought back with the Aurian resistance and retook the El-Aurian capital of Alion by force and captured the government officers. At the behest of his supporters, James is elected president of El-Auria and for the next 30 years, peace and prosperity regained a foothold.

2200 and the Borg returned to the Aurian System to face the New El-Aurian Republic Empire. The El-Aurian people underestimated the Borg resilience and persistence for revenge and a 20 year war ensued; with untold death. Though several planets rallied to the El-Aurian banner, many simply remained quiet and disbanded technology in fear of the Borg and assimilation. In 2220 the final battle took place of El-Auria and the planet finally fell to machines. A number of El-Aurians escaped and while James had been one of them, it was not until the very last minute and several hand to hand conflicts that he had been dragged away from his precious Republic. With self imposed exile, James wondered the Galaxy alone, until he arrived on Cardassia; though taken in at first as refugee, it was soon foreshadowed by the Cardassians needs for power and knowledge. James would remain a prisoner of the Cardassian Empire until 2350 when he was eventually freed by his jailor.

James did not resurface until 2385 when he traversed into the Prime Universe after learning about his counterpart and the life he had lived. He crossed over with the sole purpose of killing Arnhem and replacing him. Though this idea finally fell apart after meeting with Arnhem, James left and has yet not been seen since

2305: late that year James Ellis Arnhem Graduates Ensign grade Specialization in command and star ship operations.
2306: James was first assigned to the USS Berlin, an Excelsior Class star ship as Junior Navigations officer.

2307: The USS Berlin assigned to the Romulan Borders and Neutral Zone

2311: The Tomed incident, James is promoted to Lt for his actions during the crises with the Romulans.

2315: Promoted to Lt Commander, Chief Navigations and Security Officer and USS Berlin, Second Officer.

2320: First Officer USS Renown, Ambassador Class star ship Chief of Navigations and Security.

2325: Commander, Meets Koban while on liberty at an evening at London Opera House

Battle of the Renown

2330: USS Renown lost during a battle with a Klingon Cruiser. 89 out of 480 survived the engagement.

In 2330 the USS Renown had been responding to a distress signal of a Federation lunar colony along the Klingon boarders when the vessel was attacked by 2 de-cloaking war birds and a cruiser, fairly soon the Renown found her self outgunned and on the run; with her shields lost the Renown was soon bordered and James and the crew were in engaged in close quarter combat of the most brutal kind.

After a few hours of fighting and the Renown overtaken, the Captain and James confirm self destruct. Unfortunately Captain Anderson was killed mid sentence by a Klingon disrupter, causing a dispute between 2 Klingons over honour. James found himself on the receiving end of a backside of a bat’leth, and woke up a prisoner of the Empire. It would be 2 years before he was released back to the Federation.

During the 2 years James was held and tortured by the Klingon intelligence force.

2332: James is returned to the Federation by the Klingon high command with apologies.

2335: Meets Clair his wife to be. 2337: James and Clair Marry in England Oxford

USS Dusseldorf

2340: James is promoted to Captain of the USS Dusseldorf – Starts five year mission into the Gamma Hydra system

2343: The Cascade Files

2345: James returns from his five year mission

Another 5

The USS Dusseldorf started her second tour of duty under the Command of James Ellis Arnhem. This time though there would be no long range exploration or heroic deeds, but another of the Federations finest, protecting the home colonies and worlds within sector 001, 002 and 003. Even though the Dusseldorf was in relative ease of Earth, the vessel never returned home until her tour was completed.

The USS Dusseldorf started her second tour of duty under the Command of James Ellis Arnhem. This time though there would be no long range exploration or heroic deeds, but another of the Federations finest, protecting the home colonies and worlds within sector 001, 002 and 003. Even though the Dusseldorf was in relative ease of Earth, the vessel never returned home until her tour was completed.

In 2346 the Dusseldorf and her crew travelled to Vulcan for a Federation diplomatic mission. During there stay, James befriended the Vulcan Master Ja’Rek.

2348: The USS Dusseldorf continues routine security checks in the Andorian system and into Orion after several reports of Syndicate activity on Tellar Prime.

2349: James and Clair conceive their daughter Robin Carter Arnhem Junior; born in 2350. James stands down at Starbase 1 as Commanding officer after 10 years in command

The Professor

2350: Daughter Robin Carter is born – After 45 year’s service in Starfleet, James accepts a teaching position at the academy. Until 2355

2358: The newly refitted Churchill leaves space dock under her own power – Captain James Ellis Arnhem Commanding.

The Klingons

2362: USS Churchill patrols the Klingon Neutral zone.

2365: USS Churchill makes for home after her extended tour along the Klingon Sector

Wolf 359

2366: Battle of Wolf 359, as the Churchill made for home they intercepted the transmission for assistance and broke into warp 9.5 to reach the battle in time. It was a forlorn hope as James arrived to see the fleet decimated. He broke into an attack on the Borg cube. The USS Churchill took 2 direct hits the saucer section and 1 across her bow. James ordered her retreat before the Borg could overwhelm her. As the Churchill left the scene the USS Enterprise engaged the Borgs self destruct.

2366: USS Churchill returns to the battle scene after the Borg self destruct; 400 hundred survivors rescued from the carnage.

2366: Limps into space dock after catching the shock wave and several direct hits to her primary systems.

2366: USS Churchill designated for decommissioning; it was only down to James’s stubbornness that kept the old girl alive for he would not abandon the ship that had done so much for him and the crew, in reality it had taken over as safeguard.

2370: USS Churchill finishes her refit and leaves space dock on a shake down cruise.


2370: Project Re-Genesis – James uses the original Genesis project data to try and recreate a new El-Auria with some dire consequences

James had been driven by a desire to see his people reunited, and though in the past he had used and been used by section 31 to each others needs; he had now secured the data required on Genesis. It had taken several years to locate a planet that had no strategic value; though it had only been almost lifeless, at the time, James had not thought about life forms forming at the start of creation, just his own anger and dreams of a new world, untouched by the Borg.

Upon detonating the device the planet took hold and reformed into the preformatted date. Though unknown to him and the crew of the Churchill, the already pre-existing life changed and grew exponentially into giant life forms.

The new planet eventually became unstable, as before and the changes rapidly reverted after several hours of peace. The crew’s away mission barely escaped with their lives as the planet exploded.

2372: With increasing threats from the Gamma quadrant the USS Churchill is stationed In the Bajoran Sector.

The Dominion War

2373 James and the Churchill were assigned to the Bajoran sector over fears of the Founders, though early on nothing more than a few scrapes with the Marquis and the badlands. A few months into their new tour the USS Churchill is accosted by a Cardassian battle cruiser while following along the Neutral zone; the Churchill and her crew returned to their scheduled route back towards Bajor. A month later a Declaration of War had been made.

The Churchill had been recalled to the 7th fleet Operations centre at outpost Alpha 5 it wasn’t until late 73 when the fleet had been mobilised for a full scale conflict and surprise deployment to the Tyra System. Unfortunately it would become one of the Federations greatest defeats.

The fleet set out with a combined task force of a 112 vessels comprised of Starfleet and Klingon ships. When the fleet arrived at Tyra the Dominion forces were already in waiting and set about their own surprise attack. After several hours of arduous conflict and skirmishes the fleet laid wasted and even crippled ships destroyed by the Dominion fleet after surrendering to them. James Arnhem and the Churchill continued the flight for as long as required while making gradual withdraws from the system, while perused by enemy forces. By the time the fleet returned to Federation lines; all that remained were 14 vessels.

After returning to Federation space, the Churchill powered down her warp-core to be tugged back for emergency repairs

2375: By 75, the Churchill had been repaired and returned to active duty and had once again seen action leading up to her final engagement during the Dominion War in the Battle for Cardassia, The Churchill had destroyed a Jemhdar attack vessels along with a Cardassian frigate. The Churchill had also managed to disable several other vessels and assisted the USS Melrose in the destruction of a Breen War Ship, before withdrawing under fire from the conflict. Unfortunately the engagement would see over 100 casualties onboard by the end.

2377: USS Churchill undergoes upgrades and repairs;

2277: James’s wife Clair Dies age at 85 of an incurable Disease; though in reality the two of them had grown apart in the last few years, James had been by her side at the point of no return.

The Romulan Star

2380: USS Churchill sails into the sunset assigned to the Romulan zone. By now the USS Churchill had outlived her class and design and should have been decommissioned 20 years prior, she was now on her final cruise.

The Borg

2380: A Night With A Queen Short Story

Ending Saga

2382: USS Churchill sits in space dock as most of her crew were due to stand down after some 50 years service within Starfleet. USS Churchill was to be finally decommissioned; the upgrades of 77 had been taken into acount, but she was old and nearly into 100 years of service. Brass had deemed her worthless. For several weeks he had tried to stop the inevitable and failed. It was during her last wait that the USS Renown had been crippled and brought back to space dock. At this James took his chance and pulled some strings transferred key personnel from the Renown and cleared orders with the Admiralty –Friends in high places- and once again the Churchill would serve as a front line vessel.

2383: USS Churchill, mission “Bridge over Troubled Water”

2383: Made Siren Fleet Chief Of Staff

2384: USS Churchill Decommissioned after her final engagements. The USS Churchill was now to be turned into a museum ship.

The USS Lockhart

2384: The USS Churchill had been left docked at star base Pegasus to be taken back to Earth Star dock for decommissioning, under the command of Lt Commander Tennick while James travelled about the USS Lockhart. The Lockhart had been primarily a science class vessel built for speed and never intended for combat. While travelling along the out boarders of the Tholian Empire towards Starbase 190 the USS Lockhart received a distress signal from the Federation vessel Atlantic; whose navigational system had malfunctioned and had found them selves on the wrong side of the boarder and under attack from the Tholians.

Captain Batt was ordered not to intervene or cross the boarder, by orders of Starfleet Admiralty, Admiral Enwright ordered the Lockhart to proceed with her current mission and allow diplomatic procedure to follow. James, while having the authority to do so, took command of the Lockhart as not to tarnish Batt’s career. James took the Lockhart into Tholian Space and on towards the Atlantic, who already under heavy fire and without engines, continued to request support.

The USS Lockhart disabled the nearest Tholian vessel and came under attack from the second, while lowering shields to beam out the crew and passengers of the Atlantic the Lockhart took some heavy damage, including the loss of life of 4 members of the crew, while saving the lives of over 200 Federation citizens.Upon escaping from Tholian space, the Lockhart proceeded towards Earth and for James to await his fate. Upon returning to Earth, James was immediately placed under local arrest by Starfleet security personnel and transported to the JAG Officer onboard Stardock.

Admiral Enwright had formed a summery court marshal with Commodore Annik and Vice Admiral Check. After a 30 minute closed session and deliberation. James was demoted for disobeying a superior officer and negligence. Although Enwright believed Arnhem should have been removed from command and stripped of his rank and positions, he had no legal basis to do so, only his grief for the loss of his son. Peter Enwright, Operations Officer onboard the Lockhart.

2384: After his court marshal James is returned to Active duty and assigned to Earths Communications desk for 3 months until his return to grace at the new convened Starfleet committee assigned to investigate the Lockhart incident.

2385: Vice Admiral McNamara request James to attend a meeting with senior officers at Starfleet Headquarters. It is here that James is assigned to command the Churchill on a final mission, a mission into Cardassia.


One Last Time

2385: Starfleet Admiralty asks Arnhem to take the Churchill on a last mission under secrecy. USS Churchill listed as Museum

On the word of Admiral McNamara, James Arnhem took command of the USS Churchill for one last time. They would travel on up through Federation Space, up to Deep Space 10 and then on to Jerok Nor a Cardassian Station on the upper boarders for talks with Government Officials on both sides, there had been a number of conflicting arguments and disagreements over the year and half, but eventually the talks drew to a close and James the Churchill began their trek homeward bound.

It had been during this last mission, that James had seriously considered his role in Starfleet and indeed with the Federation. He was seen more as a fossil, an old reliable. But he doubted that a new Command would come again. Perhaps it was time for something new?

By now the Churchill had begun to show her age and many of the ships minor systems were in need of general repair, She had not travelled faster than warp 5 for over a year and her weapons compliment had been reduced for the negotiations.

2387 James and the  Churchill had been too far away to have been any assistance as the news filtered through from Star Fleet and the miss matched transmissions from the Romulan Empire. with over a week away, the Churchill made best speed towards what remained of the Empire.

A week later with over 400 refugees onboard the Churchill made her way home to Earth.

2389 Arnhem stepped back from active service; on extended leave from Star Fleet. and set course in his private vessel the Nightingale for home, or her approximate coordinates in the Delta Quadrant.

Star Fleet had irrevocably changed in the wake of Mars and the Hobus Star, but to be frank, things had been changing since the Dominion War, and it was never for the best. Earth and SF had become inwards and slightly xenophobic. and he had just had enough. he had longed for home. Even though home no longer existed. it was time to return to El-Auria.