Rear Admiral Niana Tondro

Tondro has had a long and storied history in Starfleet, and an interesting life in general. She is known for being the consummate listener and diplomat, much like the rest of her species. She excels at getting people into a room and forcing them to see things from alternate points of view, to come to a mutually beneficial conclusion. She is a scientist, a commanding presence on the field, and to those lucky enough to know her intimately, a stalwart friend and compatriot.


Niana doesn’t particularly enjoy talking about the years prior to her ship’s rescue in 2293. She was a teenager at the time, and precious few of her people had been able to escape the Borg, only to be caught by a spatial anomaly. Were it not for the swift intervention of a Federation Starship, it’s presumed the entire El-Aurian race would have gone extinct that day.

Niana attended Starfleet Academy between 2295 and 2300, majoring in Theoretical Particle Physics and Temporal Science. She didn’t graduate anywhere near the top of her class, but enjoyed the time she spent at the Academy, knowing she had a very long life to learn more.


Her first posting was aboard the USS Choctaw, an Excelsior class ship. Assigned as a junior science officer, she spent most of her time aboard the ship in the Astrometrics lab, studying various spatial anomalies and organizing starcharts. It was not the most riveting assignment, but it allowed her to read volumes of peer reviewed research on various temporal phenomenon, and get a better understanding of what had happened to her as a teen. At the end of her assignment she was promoted to Lieutenant (junior grade).


In 2310, Niana took a posting at the Daystrom Science Institute. She earned a reputation for working diligently on her projects, and submitting her research in a timely manner. During the course of the 26 years spent at the Institue, she was promoted to Lieutenant. She had never been one to hunt for rank advancement, preferring to study and lead scientific teams, but accepted the praise all the same.


In 2350, Niana was assigned to the USS Tempest, a Miranda class ship assigned to the Beta Quadrant. As the ship’s Chief Science Officer, she was known for a very collaborative command style, preferring to get her entire group in a room and talk through a problem, versus doling out orders. At the end of this posting, she was promoted to Lieutenant Commander and transferred to the Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards.


Niana was assigned to the Galaxy Class Development Project at Utopia Planitia, lending her expertise to the team designing the primary sensor packet on the ship. She found she was able to lead a team of what were basically huge engineering and science nerds effectively well, and she developed a reputation for being a commander easy to bring anything to, who would actually listen to any given issue, and work together to solve them. In 2357, the first Galaxy class starship launched, and Niana continued to work on improving the project until the launch of what she considered to be the best of the class’ run, the Enterprise. She requested a transfer to a starship, and it was granted.


Niana was assigned to the USS Helios, one of the ships she’d helped design, as Chief Science Officer. She would fill this role for approximately two years, before her Commanding Officer requested she go through Command Training. She reluctantly agreed, and passed. A few weeks later, the Executive Officer received his own command, and she was promoted to this position, with the understanding that her eyes would often be in the science labs, as she just couldn’t help herself. In the intervening years, she proved to be a capable commander, and smoother of ruffled feathers both among the crew and with those they encountered in their travels. The anti-climactic but tragic Battle of Wolf 359 caused Niana to seriously re-consider her career in Starfleet. She felt that the fleet hadn’t done enough to stop the menace that had decimated her species, and seriously debated pressganging one of the Galaxy class ships into an all out assault on Borg space, though she knew it would be fruitless.


Niana was offered command of the USS Prestige, an Ambassador class starship. While she had never really had any desire for command, she understood that it was important for those capable of it to teach those coming up in the ranks, to pass on their wisdom to the younger generation. She accepted, and was promoted to Captain. Approximately 2 weeks after she took command, the Dominion War broke out. The Prestige was involved with a few minor skirmishes, and one major battle, but by this point the class was beginning to show its age, and she was instead assigned closer into the core of the Federation. In 2372, the Battle of Sector 001 occurred, and the Prestige was among the first ships to assess the fallout after the battle had ended. Niana was glad she’d not had to face the Borg. In 2375, she was witness to the signing of the Treaty of Bajor, officially ending the Dominion War. In 2378, she celebrated the return of the presumed lost USS Voyager along with her fellow Starfleet officers. Other highlights of her career as a Commanding Officer were: 8 first contact missions, 7 refugee rescues, the discovery of a new nebula, assisting in better understanding the stellar phenomenon known as the Nexus, and finally in 2387, spending the better part of the year overseeing the rescue and relocation of many Romulans after the Hobus Incident.


Niana was promoted to Commodore, and oversaw a small Task Group of vessels assigned to assist the Cardassians in continuing their rebuilding, as well as the smoothing of relations between their government and that of Bajor. She had a great deal of success in this field, and headed many peace and reparations talks.


Late in 2398, Niana was promoted to Rear Admiral, and assigned to take over Task Force 38, the Delta Quadrant Exploration Initiative. She gleefully took the posting, transferring her entire life to Starbase 38 in orbit of Barzan II. Her species having originated in the Delta Quadrant, she hoped to be able to return and see if yet any more of them still survived.


Service Record

Start End Rank Role Assignment
Cadet Junior Grade
CadetStarfleet Academy
Science OfficerUSS Choctaw
Lieutenant Junior Grade
Science OfficerUSS Choctaw
Particle Research SpecialistDaystrom Institute
Chief Science OfficerUSS Tempest
Lieutenant Commander
Project Lead - Sensor Array DevelopmentUtopia Planitia Fleet Yards
Lieutenant Commander
Chief Science OfficerUSS Helios
Executive OfficerUSS Helios
Commanding OfficerUSS Prestige
Task Group CommanderTask Group 89-48552
Rear Admiral
Task Force Commanding OfficerTask Force 38 - Delta Exploration Initiative