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Vulcan Male

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Lieutenant Commander Solok




Solok is a typical Vulcan, spending most of his time privately commenting on the other species he serves with and their emotions. He appears to be cool, calm and collected and the essence of logic but privately he is in a constant battle with the display of his emotions.

Solok strengths lay in his skills as an engineer, problem solving, advanced warp theory and computer systems, his weakness is his lack of control over his emotions due to an accident during a mission 15 years ago.


Solok was burn on Vulcan to Turek & T’Pin. His parents both served in Starfleet and shortly after his birth returned to their duties and left Solok in the care of his grandparents on Vulcan. His father returned once a year to check on his progress at school and his studies. His mother would return regularly as she was assigned to Starfleet Medical on Earth. Solok’s grandparents passed away in a shuttle craft accident when all 3 where onboard the year he got accepted into the Vulcan Science Academy, as a result he moved into the Academy and immersed himself in his studies there, spending every spare moment with any tutor/professor who could spare the time to advance Solok’s knowledge. Due to the pain and suffering he experienced whilst injured and watching his grandparents die in front of him in the wreck of the shuttle craft, Solok has had trouble controlling his emotions ever since – causing him to dramatically drop out of the Vulcan Science Academy after 4 years.

Soloks father retired from Starfleet and returned to the family home where he expected Solok to come and work. In a show of disrespect to his father, Solok applied and got accepted into Starfleet Academy. Solok graduated from the Academy 4 years later at the top of his class and granted the position of warp core specialistr onboard the USS Tecumseh. He served with distinction for 3 years before returning to Vulcan to go through with Ponn Far. His mate T’Ren choose to leave Starfleet at this time and take up residence at Solok’s family home whilst Solok returned to Starfleet after his marriage. He was assigned to Deep Space 4 as Assistant Chief of Engineering, being on a Starbase allowed him to have bigger quarters and be less on opportunity to be on the front line, Solok moved his wife and young daughter with him to Deep Space 4 to get away from his parents.

After 5 years serving on DS-4, Solok was promoted to Chief Engineer on the Antares Fleet Yards where he spent a few quiet years overseeing various starships being constructed or coming in for repair. As his daughter had came of age to attend the Science Academy, his wife returned to Vulcan with her and Solok requested a transfer to a starship to get him rut the rut he was feeling on Antares Yards. USS Ottawa was in need of a Chief Engineer after her refiot at Antares yards so made sense for Solok to transfer there. He was thrust into urgent action on day 1 with the breakout of the Dominion War.

Solok was commended for his work during the Dominion War and also for his involvement in supporting the Cardassians after the last of the Dominion troops withdrew from Cardassia Prime. This was one of the most challenging times in his career, but also the most rewording. He received commendations from his commanding officer for bridging the peace between Cardasians and the Federation. His knowledge and experience were put to good use here. He was responsible for helping with the construction of their first fleet yards in orbit of cardassia.

Solok was assigned to Deep Space 6, responsible for Starfleet Operations in the Qualor Sector, assisting in re-opening the first trade routes into the Neutral Zone.  Starfleet Operations routinely ask him to attend conferences and presentations due to his vast epxerience and knowledge in warp field design that he had came up with at his time on Antares. Solok has also been asked to regularly make appearances at Utopia Planitia to help with starship design problems. All of these are temporary transfers in-between serving on his permanent posts.