Profile Overview

Ba'zra Jennings

Half-Klingon, Half Human Female

Character Description

Martha Jennings arrived as a diplomat to Qo’onS in the aftermath of the destruction of Enterprise C. What Martha did not understand at the time is that Humans and the Federation were now highly respected for dying with honor. During the celebrations of the new friendship between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, Martha met K’Tang.

K’Tang was brash, bold, fearless, and full of life. Martha, was small, a bit timid, but admired the heart of these warriors and could not help but admire this individual. They pursued a courtship which resulted in Martha resigning her commission and joining K’Tang and his family House G’Bcyn via the rite of R’uustal. After this arrangement, K’Tang and Martha bore three children.

The very structured life of Klingons suited Martha well; however, life on the Klingon home world was slightly frustrating to Martha, as Klingons were still very much a male dominated society. It became really difficult for her when political intrigue began in 2366. As a result of the politics, Chancellor K’mpec was poisoned and the Klingon High Council was thrown into disarray. During this time, Martha fled Qo’onS with Ba’zra back for her home in Denver, Colorado.

She fled because she believed that humans might be thought as an enemy, poor influence, or cause of the civil war, during this time. Martha could not take her sons because they were able to lift their blades, and thus were Klingon men. Martha did not plead with K’Tang to leave because she knew that his honor would not allow him or his sons to leave.

For Martha and Ba’zra, this proved particularly fortunate. Since House G’Bcyn was a house bent on knowledge, they did not have a hefty military strength. Thus, once the Klingon Civil War came, they were forced to ally either with Gowron or Duras. Luckily for G’Bcyn, they allied with Gowron. Unluckily, they sustained heavy losses in the ensuing battles, gaining lots of honor. However, K’Tang and Ka’Rag were killed. This ensured that Martha would not return to Qo’onS again.

Ba’zra, however, took her mother’s actions in fleeing with her as act of cowardice and as a sign of dishonor. Furthermore, adjustment to human life was difficult for Ba’zra. She knew how to speak Standard as well as Klingon; however, she could not relate to humans who had been raised on Earth. They did not understand honor or how to fight. She did have some limited successes in making friends with intellectuals as her family House stressed education and knowledge as a route to power and honor. Yet, the intellectual stimulation was all that she had in common with most of these individuals. Nobody seemed to want a good fight.

As a result, Ba’zra often spent time alone. She trained under human martial arts masters and holo Klingon battle programs created by the legendary Worf to keep her body in warrior shape. She climbed rocks to test her endurance and press limits. However, none of this was completely fulfilling. Surprisingly, her mother suggested she try knitting. Ba’zra could not understand how this very un-Klingon-like art could be of any interest to her. However, with a little time, the act of creation spoke to her and she found it somewhat relaxing and enjoyable. She keeps this hobby a secret and only her closest friends ever know of her creations.

Earth was not where Ba’zra desired to be. Her quest to restore her honor and her mother’s required more knowledge. Starfleet seemed like the perfect place. First, it would get her away from the retched planet Earth. Second, it would take her away from her weak mother. Third, it would afford her the opportunity to acquire more knowledge through exploration and give her greater opportunities to restore her personal honor.

Unfortunately, though she stood out on her first assignment, her Klingon temper and her inability to deal with idiots got her in trouble. After several verbal sparrings with an Ensign Gerald Sparks who could not seem to grasp the concept that Borg adapted quickly, she finally had enough and punched him in the face after her ideas were adapted to shut down a Borg cube, saving Abrams. Rather than a court martial, the Captain had Ba’zra transferred to the Falcon to make better uses of her skills.

There, she once again found trouble and decided that since her scientific career was not going anywhere, she would transfer to security where she could harness her anger and her heriditary battle skills. That worked out well for her until she met Captain Smith on the Cheyenne who was a bigot and hated all Klingons. He poked at Ba’zra time and time again until she finally punched him after being called a half breed. Obviously, the racial slur could not be condoned and both were demoted.

Character Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2374 - 2378 Student StarFleet Academy
2378 - 2379 Science Officer USS Independence
2379 - 2380 USS Abrams Science Officer
2380 - 2381 Security Officer USS Falcon
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2382 - 2384 Assistant Chief of Security USS Hornet
2385 - 2386 Chief of Security USS Cheyenne
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2386 - 2388 Science Officer USS Fitzgerald
2388 - 2389 Chief of Security USS Wanderwell
2389 - 2389 Executive Officer USS Crazy Horse
Lieutenant Commander

Character Summary

Ba'zra desires to be a more pure Klingon and to restore honor to her name. Since she prefers being thought of as a Klingon and not human, she prefers not to be referred by her human last name but solely by her Klingon name, Ba'zra. She is a loyal friend and a fierce enemy. However, since her family House stressed knowledge, she originally believed that her honor restoration would occur through science not battle. However, when she after striking Ensign Gerald Sparks, the scientific community rejected her and she transferred to Security. Ba'zra has not been to Qo'onS since her mother fled. Should she ever return, she would find that she does not fit perfectly in the human world nor Klingon world. Ba'zra is fiercely independent and does not make friends terribly easily.

Current Assignment