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Profile Overview

Elyas Sark

Argelian Cisgender Man

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Sark


Medical Student
Caelum Station


Elyas Sark

2372 (Age: 29)


Ensign Elyas Sark is a medical student studying at the Starfleet Medical Academy teaching hospital on Caelum Station. His ambition is to become an internist.


/ For an Argelian of humanoid body-plan on a world width Earth-similar lengths of years, Sark was a relative latecomer to Starfleet Academy.  Even those students who weren’t top of their respective classes were accepted into the academy before Sark.  Coming from the pleasure planet Argelius II, the mysteries of interpersonal interaction and the simplicity of an exquisite meal held more allure for Sark than books or arithmetic.  Unlike many of his peers, he only accumulated the prequisites for the Starfleet Academy Preparatory Program because his mother had enrolled him in the Federation boarding school system, rather than a traditional Argelian education.  His mother’s own callings required all of her attentions and the Federation school could fill in the gaps where she might have fallen short.