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Profile Overview

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Kennedy Zhao

Human Female


Character Information

Rank & Address

Crewman Zhao


USS Savannah


Kennedy Grace Zhao


New Taipei City, Taiwan - Earth


Kennedy Zhao is one of the few Special Services Division crewmembers serving aboard the USS Savannah.

Special Services personnel deal with coordinating the staffing of mess halls, lounges, bars, and other such spaces aboard ship, although – due to the small size of the crew, Kennedy is most often assisted by crew – volunteers or Special Services Holograms (SSH’s), when the demand arises, and a more formal event or engagement is called for.

Kennedy’s domain is Seven Forward. This large lounge is located at the forward-most portion of Deck 7, and serves as a place of social gathering for all members of the crew and their guests.  Serving as the social center of the ship, it has a number of tables that line the six windows that grant a spectacular view of what lies ahead of the ship.  A bar lines the length of the aft-facing wall of the room and is serviced by Kennedy or an SSH.  Two replicators provide the crew with beverages and food, while an impressive stock of authentic (unreplicated) alcoholic beverages is available beneath the counter – where she gets them from, Kennedy will not divulge. Aboard the USS Savannah – Seven Forward is colloquially known as the “O” – Bar, after the famous bar in the Bourbon Orleans Hotel.


Kennedy is petite and is always turned out impeccably when on duty – with her background in events management, she appreciates the importance of appearances and atmosphere.

When off duty – she is the epitome of understated hipness.


Kennedy Zhao is the consummate events professional. A keen student of “Human” nature, Kennedy’s stock in trade is knowing exactly what her patrons want and when they want to be left to their own devices or to be engaged and entertained.

The epitome of diffident coolness, her knowledge of different races, cultural cuisine and beverages, a streetwise sense of what is ‘hot’ and what is ‘not’ all enable Kennedy to create the perfect atmosphere for her patrons.

In her personal life, not much is known about Kennedy or what she chooses to engage her time in, when she is not being professionally engaging. This only serves to add to her air of mystery.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2399 - 2401 Special Events Coordinator Special Services
2401 - Present Bartender Special Services