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Profile Overview

Tress Trojet

Trill Cisgender Woman

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Trojet


Medical Student
Caelum Station


Tress Trojet

2379 (Age: 22)


Ensign Tryss Trojet is a medical student studying at the Starfleet Medical Academy teaching hospital on Caelum Station. Her ambition is to become an epidemiologist.


/ When she speaks, Tress speaks quickly.  She spits out words rapidly, like someone acutely aware of how brief a life can be.  When she’s silent, you can bet she’s watching you.  She hangs on your every word with rapt attention, like you’re speaking her personal doctrine.

/ Raised by Starfleet officers, Tress’s lived experience in a time of withdrawal from exploration and humanitarian efforts offered little inspiration for her career.  It was the remembered stories of Starfleet, told around the dinner table in her parents’ quarters, that captured her imagination.

/ Through Starfleet Academy, Tress was known for her lively personality.  Although her grades didn’t suffer for it, Tress showed more enthusiasm for communication and social interaction than for her studies.  Academy counselors occasionally questioned Tress about her choice to pursue an astrophysics degree.  At times, her choice was perceived to be through a process of elimination rather than a heartfelt passion.