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Isagi Saroga

Hologram Male


Character Information

Rank & Address

Chief Petty Officer Saroga


Tactical Training Hologram (TTH)
USS Savannah


ロッド (Roddo) - "The Rod"


Isagi Saroga


Canal City, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan - Earth




Born in the 22oo’s, Master Chief Petty Officer Isagi Saroga served as a Starfleet Security Noncom aboard the Mercury Class frigate USS Pegasus (NCC-1532) and fell in the line of duty in the last months of the Federation Klingon War in 2256.

A legend in his time, the service record and biometric data from his Service Jacket was used by Lieutenant Commander Sarak of the USS Phoenix – herself one of the founding voices of what would come to be known as the Hazardous Situation Response Team doctrine developed during another conflict – this time the Dominion War of the late 2350s.

With the Starfleet of that era possessing little martial acumen, Sarak looked to another era of the 2200’s. when Starfleet Officers were necessarily forged from more fundamental events  – looking for a tool that could be used to hone successive generations of Starfleet crews to be able to respond in situations requiring of asymmetrical warfare and special operations tactics (lest those skills be forgotten in the peacetime they forged and that edge become dulled again over time).

Since that date, the Tactical Training Hologram has been used extensively, by successive generations, to delivery Hazard Team training to key Officers, NCO’s and Ratings – who have all come to begrudgingly respect the life – saving lessons imparted by the gruff Master Chief Petty Officer Isagi Saroga.

The TTH can be generated by any onboard Holo-projector grid and utilizes maniple tractor fields to interact with physical objects in the environment. The TTH can also be projected by a Mobile Holo-projector (worn by the Master Chief on his arm) and leave the confines of the ship to participate in training or support Away Missions.

Due to his programming, the TTH may not exercise lethal force against any sentient lifeform (although he can instruct multiple ways for others to do so) but is also programmed to protect any Starfleet/Federation personnel or those deemed under their protection – so is able to wield non-lethal force in furtherance of this directive.

Each TTH starts from a common matrix and is capable of exponential learning – the data from these interactions is periodically downloaded to all TTHs operating in Starfleet to drive continuous learning- meaning that individual units are updated with the common tactical and experiential experiences of TTHs operating on other Starfleet commands. This has contributed to the ongoing debate as to whether Holographic Lifeforms are truly sentient.


The TTH is a representation of Isagi Saroga as he appeared in the last year of his life. He appears as a 52-year-old Nipponese Man, standing only 5ft 5ins tall – but with a barrel chest, bald pate and a greying moustache.

Compact and powerful, the Master Chief wastes no movement and can move with startling speed and precision – his movement both explosive and graceful at need.

The TTH is projected in the traditional Starfleet uniform of the mid – 2200’s and can be programmed to simulate any clothing or equipment (although he steadfastly reverts to the uniform of his day).



The TTH is a faithful representation of Master Chief Petty Officer Isagi Saroga, gleaned from LCARS data from his service jacket, psychological assessments, archive footage and predictive AI.

A taciturn man of few words, the TTH can be an intimidating task master to new recruits, but those who manage to endure his training regimen come to appreciate the intrinsic lessons contained therein (often this realization comes in the urgency experienced when under hostile fire) and come to appreciate the Master Chief’s gruff mannerisms and wry sense of humor.

Individual TTHs have been known to develop extracurricular pursuits if their Commanding Officer’s allow them time to remain active during off duty hours.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2401 - Present Tactical Training Hologram USS Savannah - (NCC-57297)
Master Chief Petty Officer