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Profile Overview

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Sabreen el-Hannan

Human Female


Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign el-Hannan


Ships Counselor
USS Savannah


Sabreen Najah Fatima el-Hannan


Ar-Ramtha, Jordan - Earth


Despite her relatively young age, Sabreen el-Hannan is a person that tends to put others at ease and is well suited to the role of Ships Counselor.

Appreciating the value of listening to other and creating a space where they feel comfortable expressing themselves makes Sabreen a calming influence aboard a small command, ostensibly crewed by a young and green crew.

Her posting aboard the USS Savannah is Sabreen’s first shipboard assignment and she is eager to explore.


Sabreen el-Hannan’s Jordanian heritage is evident in her deep brown eyes and dusky skin.

As a person of the Muslim faith, Sabreen chooses to wear the traditional Hijab both on and off duty and prefers to dress in whatever makes herself and others comfortable.


Sabreen is attentive with great interpersonal skills and is both compassionate and diplomatic in her dealings with others.

She is confidently gregarious and does not drink alcohol – seldom seen without a steaming infusion of herbal tea.

Wise beyond her years, Sabreen appreciates the power of words and the wisdom that comes from just listening when others would speak.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2398 - 2401 Station Counselor Starbase 72
2401 - Present Ships Counselor USS Savannah - (NCC-57297)