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Profile Overview

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Neva Vikander

Human Female


Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Vikander


Senior Operations Officer
USS Savannah


Neva Alicia Vikander


Copenhagen, Denmark - Earth


Neva Vikander is highly organized with a flair for administration and a good knowledge of EPS allocation. As the OPS Officer aboard the USS Savannah, both these attributes stand the petite young officer in good stead in her Operations role.

Previous to her first shipboard posting, Neva was assigned to Operations aboard Starbase 72.

Working closely with both the XO, Chief of the Boat and Chief Engineer, Neva is the glue that holds the ship together. From shift rostering, power allocation, and payload operations to finessing life – support systems, Comms and social planning – she is a vital and well-respected member of the crew.


Neva Vikander is of a slight build, some 5ft 6ins tall and is attractive with dark brown hair and warm brown eyes.

The most organized person aboard, her personal grooming is accordingly nothing short of exemplary.


Neva is quiet, calm and contemplative – measure in all things.

She enjoys the companies of others socially but is equally comfortable with her own company and has a passion for art in its many forms.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2398 - 2401 Operations Officer Starbase 72
2401 - Present Senior Operations Officer USS Savannah - (NCC-57297)