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Profile Overview

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Bysea Wanat

Bolian Female


Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Wanat


Senior Helm Officer
USS Savannah


Bysea Wanat


Rholdar City, Bolarus IX


One of the youngest officers aboard the USS Savannah, Bysea serves as the Helm Officer. Like most of the current crop of Starfleet Academy graduates, she has been elevated to a position aboard the New Orleans class frigate that would normally be allocated to a more experienced officer.

A gifted helmsman at the beginning of her career, Bysea Wanat served a season with the Academy Nova Flight – Display Squadron before graduating at the top of her class.

Whilst a flair for piloting is advantageous, it remains to be seen if Bysea can develop the requisite maturity necessary manage the small, but vital, Flight Operations team aboard ship.


Bysea Wanat is a young and striking Bolian female with deep azure skin and fine features.

She stands 5ft 7ins tall and is of a lithe build – with sleek musculature due to her off duty pastime of swimming.



Bysea Wanat is perhaps typified by her boundless enthusiasm and generally positive disposition that borders on infectious and is a hard person not to like.

Cocksure and entirely convinced of her own talent, Bysea is naturally competitive and outgoing and in the short time she has been aboard, has cemented a firm friendship with her fellow junior officer Ithariar Sh’eshikrar.

Like most Bolians, she tends to be most outspoken – even when her opinion is not elicited.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2397 - 2398 Nova - 3 Nova Squadron Display Team
2398 - 2401 Helm Officer USS Cardenas - NCC-86419
2401 - Present Helm Officer USS Savannah - (NCC-57297)