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Profile Overview

Romal Nnekin

Rhaandarite Cisgender Man

Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Nnekin


Medical Student
Caelum Station


Romal Nnekin

2356 (Age: 45)



Ensign Romal Nnekin is a medical student studying at the Starfleet Medical Academy teaching hospital on Caelum Station.  His ambition is to become a surgeon.


Starfleet wasn’t a natural choice for Romal Nnekin.  It was chosen for him.  Nnekin was raised in a pastoral community of complex social and familial relationships that deeply believed in the aphorism “it takes a village.”  The farmer who grew Nnekin’s food offered as much developmental support as his biological parents.  For Rhaandarite standards, Nnekin’s cognition was considered to be too linear to be considered for any vocations in his home community and he was gently offered to Starfleet, where Nnekin was expected to thrive within its hierarchical constructs.  Nnekin studied Systems Science at Starfleet Academy, expecting to become an operations officer, but the events of Frontier Day shifted his focus and he applied to Starfleet Medical Academy, where he pursues a path of becoming a doctor as a medical student on Caelum Station.