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Profile Overview

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Ithariar Sh'eshikrar

Andorian Female


Character Information

Rank & Address

Ensign Sh'eshikrar


Senior Tactical Officer
USS Savannah


Ithariar Sh'eshikrar




Ithariar Sh’eshikrar can seem as icy and aloof as her native frozen planet of Andoria.

The newly appointed Tactical Officer aboard the New Orleans class frigate USS Savannah, certainly could be seen as a typical Andorian in some ways – deeply emotive, passionate and not famed for her sense of compassion, she nevertheless benefits from that race’s long adherence to military service and her actions are guided by a deep and abiding sense of honor – Ithariar cannot abide dishonesty.

When she does form friendships, they tend to be enduring and Ithariar Sh’eshikrar has formed such a friendship with her fellow junior officer, the Bolian Helmsman Bysea Wanat – to the point where their crewmates have unofficially named them the “Bluesome Twosome” (but have enough sense and self – preservation not to say this directly to Ithariar’s face!)


Ithariar Sh’eshikrar is of a slim, but wiry build, with white hair, ice – blue skin and pale grey/blue eyes. Like all Adorian’s, she has two motile antennae that are often an unconscious indicator of her current mood.


Ithariar has managed to temper her hereditary warlike social conditioning with discipline, but this coupled with a naturally disdainful air towards anyone who is not a proven warrior, can make her seem cold at times.

The precept of Honour is central to her worldview, and she cannot abide subterfuge or dishonesty, preferring to meet her problems head on.

Like most Andorian children, Ithariar has trained with the Ushaan-tor since early childhood and is frighteningly adept in the use with the weapon. Personal combat comes naturally to Ithariar and she makes a study of the fighting styles of all the major involved species and maintains a keen interest in learning new types of martial combat – to better master her own prowess as a warrior.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2398 - 2401 Tactical Officer USS Dyson - (NCC-95162)
2401 - Present Tactical Officer USS Savannah - (NCC-57297)