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Profile Overview

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Myron Hayes

Human Male


Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Junior Grade Chief Hayes


Chief Security Officer
USS Savannah


Canaille (Kah-nie)


Myron Marcel Hayes


Gentilly, New Orleans, Louisianna - Earth


It is fitting perhaps, that the Chief of Security aboard the New Orleans class frigate USS Savannah, actually hails from the actual city of New Orleans.

Myron Hayes is more than just a big Creole male. He is a shrewd judge of character, legacy of a childhood growing up in his uncle’s bar and has seen both the lighter and darker sides of human nature.

Upon graduation from Starfleet Academy in San Francisco – Myron served first as a Security Investigations Officer aboard Starbase 72, before getting his first ship assignment abord the Saber – Class escort/scout USS Tizona – (NCC-77449).


Myron Hayes cuts a figure that demands respect.

Standing 6ft 2ins tall, Myron is powerfully built. Myron represented the Academy as a Linebacker with the Academy Gridiron team and possesses a lithe grace that belies his hulking size at 244lbs.

Whilst physically imposing, Myron holds himself easily and is adept at defusing many tense situations with his broad smile and booming laugh.


Myron Hayes projects confidence and control as a Security Officer.

Whilst he is unthreatening and measured in his demeanor, his physical size and presence indicate an inevitable outcome for anyone willing to cross that line.

With a rich creole accent and sense of bonhomie and enthusiasm, in his personal dealings Myron is gregarious and fun – loving, his nickname “Canaille” given to him by his Memere in recognition of his impetuous and crafty nature as a youth.

Myron has a passion for Creole cooking (and is an excellent cook), a passion for Jazz and an almost encyclopedic knowledge of Spirits and Cocktails – that is the legacy of being practically raised in his Uncle’s Bar in the Lower Garden District.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2393 - 2396 Security Investigations Officer Starbase 72
2396 - 2401 Assistant Chief Security Officer USS Tizona - NCC-77449
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2401 - Present Chief Security Officer USS Savannah - (NCC-57297)
Lieutenant Junior Grade