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Profile Overview

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Carlito Herrera

Human Male


Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant Herrera


Starbase 72


Carlito Alejandro Yadriel Herrera


San Juan - Puerto Rico / Earth


Even as a child, Carlito Alejandro Yadriel Herrera was fascinated in the built – environment and what made things work. Raised in San Juan on the island of Puerto Rico, Carlito came from a large catholic family and hold family values close to his heart.

Carlito enrolled into Starfleet Academy in San Francisco in 2388 – as this was the logical pathway for him to pursue his talents and aspirations as a professional Engineer.

Graduating in 2392, Carlito placed third in his graduating class and wone the Zephram Cochrane Award for Engineering Excellence for his final year dissertation on “Reverse – phase flow extrapolation in Electro-Plasma System integration.”

A quiet man with a passion for Engineering and practical sciences, Carlito Herrera relishes the challenges presented by the non-integrated systems typical to the New – Orleans class of starships and contemporary technologies.


Carlito Herrera is an attractive Latino male. His unassuming manner only serving to make him more attractive to both the opposite and same sex.

Standing 6ft tall, Carlito is well proportioned and athletic – taking great joy in both playing and following the sport of Soccer.

Ostensibly a Human male of 29 years, during the USS Savannah’s exodus in the Labyrinth, Lt Herrera was trapped in a roving Tachyon “Pocket” and exposed to a brief, but extreme burst of Tachyon Radiation – in a matter of seconds of subjective time, he was immediately aged 22 years and now has the genetic body – age of a 51-year-old man.


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Lt Carlito Ferrera before exposure to Tachyon Radiation


Despite his unarguable good – looks, Carlito Herrera is unassuming and not given to egotistical behavior.

His first passion is Engineering – his analytical mind naturally drawn to mechanical reasoning and problem solving.

His second passion is the sport of Soccer, and the Puerto Rican likes to spend his off-duty hours either attending famous matches of the past or participating alongside of some of history’s greatest players.

A bachelor, Carlito is guarded about his personal life and does not confirm any preferences. Socially he is pleasant company without being gregarious and is well liked by his peers.

A gifted Engineer, Herrera is respected by the Engineers serving under him and values consultation and group participation when troubleshooting technical issues – letting his people exercise their own analytical skill and working the problem.

Whilst young for a Chief Engineer, like so many of his peers Carlito Herrera has had to step up to the responsibilities of running a Starfleet department a lot earlier than is typical – such was the level of decimation that depleted the ranks of the 4th Fleet after the events of Frontier Day.

With exposure to Tachyon Radiation – Carlito affectively lost 22 years of his life – span and the incident impacted him deeply. Although he is undergoing gene – therapy to repair the damage at a cellular – level, the incident understandably affected him mentally and he is attending therapy sessions with the Ship’s Councilor to address bouts of depression and anger issues.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2392 - 2395 Engineer USS Anaheim - (NCC-75571)
2395 - 2401 Assistant Chief Engineer USS Horizon - (NCC-87009)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2401 Chief Engineer USS Savannah - (NCC-57297)
Lieutenant Junior Grade
2401 - Present Medical - Convalescence Starbase 72