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Talbot Manningly

Human Male


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Chief Petty Officer Manningly


Chief of the Boat
USS Savannah




Talbot Manningly is a veteran Starfleet NCO that currently serves as Chief of the Boat aboard the New – Orleans Class Frigate USS Savannah.

Chief Manningly comes from a family with a long tradition of Naval – service, incredibly stretching back to the Royal Navy and the Battle of Jutland in 1916, to the formation of Starfleet in the 2130’s & through to the present day.

Chief Manningly saw action aboard the New – Orleans Class Frigate USS Rutledge during Dominion War, retiring from Starfleet shortly after as a Chief Petty Officer, wherein he took up a civilian position at the Annapolis Historical Institute, lecturing in Naval History.

With the events of Frontier Day and the decimation of the ranks of Starfleet, Chief Manningly answered the call to duty and re-activated his warrant. There is probably no-one NCO currently serving with the 4th Fleet that knows the ins and outs of a New Orleans Class vessel as well as Talbot Manningly and the Chief has years of proven experience wrangling ratings and Non-commissioned Officers aboard a Starfleet Command.


Tall and barrel chested, Talbot Manningly is imposing and carries himself with an air of quiet capability.

Now in his mid – 60’s, Chief Manningly is impressively well – preserved has a weathered, care-worn face. His hair is white with distinguished age and is slightly receding.

With literal centuries of Naval tradition running through his veins, Talbot is a sailor through and through and insists on everything being squared-away and shipshape.

His is neat and well organized and Know’s “the Book” off by heart and insists that is people are turned out in an exemplary fashion.


Chief Manningly is married to a Starfleet Commander serving aboard Starbase 72 as an Engineering Officer and has two adult children also serving as Junior Officers with Starfleet. As a family man, his dedication to his loved ones is only matched by his love of Starfleet and he is a private man, preferring to spend his spare time reading (actual books) or laboring on one of the many miniature models of ancient seafaring vessels – a hobby which he finds calming and in keeping with his passion for all forms of Naval History.

Whilst Chief Manningly is a no – nonsense Chief of the Boat, he has the length of experience and breadth of practical knowledge to make him a considerate leader and he has a startlingly insightful grasp of the background and issues that drive each and every person under his care.

The Chief has counselled countless ‘green’ – CO’s during the course of his career and is infinitely patient. It is a naïve Officer indeed that would elect to overlook what a steadying asset the Chief is to the stability of their command.

Service Record

Date Position Posting Rank
2370 - 2379 Chief of the Boat USS Rutledge - NCC 57295
Master Chief Petty Officer
2379 - 2401 Professor Emeritus - Naval History Annapolis Historical Institute - Earth
2401 - Present Chief of the Boat USS Savannah - NCC 57297
Chief Petty Officer