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Harlow Mason - Created by Annex

Harlow Mason

Llanarian Cisgender woman


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Captain Mason


Commanding Officer
USS Interceptor




Harlow Kae Mason

7th July 2346



Standing at just over 6’2”, Mason has the typical build of her species and keeps herself fit through a disciplined workout regime. Competitive in nature due to both cultural reasons and growing up in a large family, Mason hasn’t ever met a sport she didn’t like, but does tend to avoid team sports due to a need to be in control. With blonde-sandy hair and hazel eyes, she is focused and determined, and it shows in her demeanour.

Harlow Mason - Created by Annex
Harlow Mason - Created in MidJourney

Harlow Mason


Harlow grew up as the middle daughter of the Premier of Llanaria. Pampered but not spoiled, she was well-educated and was expected to become an ambassador for her planet. However, when war broke out on Llanaria, it didn’t just devastate the planet, it also changed many of the people, Harlow included.

Now a war veteran and after many years of Starfleet service, she is no-nonsense and straight-talking. She doesn’t have time to suffer fools, and expects her crew to uphold the same ideals of duty and service that she does. However, excellent observation skills soften her hard edges somewhat, and planetary diplomatic training means that she can pile on the charm if she chooses to.