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Talresh zh'Vael

Andorian zhen

Character Information

Rank & Address

Lieutenant zh'Vael


Chief Science Officer
USS Edison




Talresh maintains herself with grace and elegance. Her antennae are slightly longer than average, which is considered a sign of wisdom among Andorians.


Tal is the bond group’s matriarch. She is a scientist who specializes in xenobiology. She is calm and nurturing and often acts as the group’s emotional anchor.


Tal was born into the Thirak clan, known for its deep history in scientific research and exploration. She grew up in the icy plains of Lor’Vela, where her fixation with alien lifeforms began. The harsh environment of Lor’Vela encouraged resilience and resourcefulness in her from a young age. 

Tal is currently in a bond group and was recently assigned to the USS Edison as their Chief Science Officer.